Good Times!!!

What a good time we had at Highland Pines Campground! I would highly recommend it for a nice weekend away. Lots to do if you have young kids! I’ll post a review in a couple days, but let’s say we weren’t disappointed!

Despite our site being on a large, grassy corner with easy access to back in, it was anything but easy backing in. I seem to have list my mojo. 😯 It has become a stressful, terrible experience for me. It was so much easier with our Spree.  I could back that 32 foot trailer down a campground road with absolutely NO problem. I have an awful time with our fiver and I think I know why! Just not sure how to fix it other than experience.

Anyway,  back to our weekend!  We had planned on kayaking with friends,  but Dave hurt his arm/shoulder the week before and also had his knee and back were acting up. He still wasn’t better by Sunday, so kayaking wasn’t a go.  Our friends Derek and Tatjana  still came out for dinner and a campfire and we had a wonderful time!

Saturday our friends Albert and Diane came for dinner and a visit and our friends Harry and Liz also stopped by for a visit! We ate well and had such an awesome time at Highland Pines. We’ve already booked a long weekend at this park for 2017!

August is going to be such a busy month for us! My next two weeks at work involve short shift changes from night to day shift mid-week,  short staff issues and likely extra hours! It’s all good though! In less than two weeks we head out to Fifty Point and Arran Lake for a long weekend then we’re home for two and a half days then off to New Brunswick for eleven days!

There’s not much time to deal with our warranty issues! The bedroom AC still isn’t working properly,  we need our bathroom tap replaced (it’s discolored ) and a part of our slideout decorative molding needs to be replaced (also cosmetic). Nothing is that important that we need to get it in right away. The AC works intermittently so we still can cool the bedroom down a bit before it stops working. We have five years warranty,  so we’re good in that respect!

Well that’s about it! Look for my review of Highland Pines in the next few days and in the meantime…………




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