Rock Point





We visited Rock Point in early May 2013. It was our second trip out that year with our new trailer. Our site, #167 was large and fairly level. It had rained a fair bit which resulted in a low wet front corner on the site. The pad was dry with a fine coating of gravel. The site beside us to the right was fairly close, but there was a hiking trail on the left and the lake behind us, so there was some degree of privacy. It was a short walk to the lake from our site, which was nice. The weekend weather was rainy and windy with a few breaks in between the rain drops. We stayed inside Friday night and watched TV. It was just too cool and rainy to spend any time outside. Saturday we went for a walk around the campground. Here are some campground photos in case you haven’t been to Rock Point:


Saturday afternoon it cleared out for awhile and the glorious sun was shining for a few hours. The wind didn’t let up, but we managed to have a campfire and go for a hike along the lake.  Here are some photos from Saturday morning:


There is one hiking trail at Rock Point – The Woodlot Trail. It’s about 2km (linear) and follows the top of a bluff along Lake Erie. Along this trail are places where you can walk down stairs to get to the beach. Rock Point has a limestone shelf that extends out into Lake Erie with the most amazing fossils embedded in it. It’s fun to walk out and look at all the different types. In the distance, you can see a beautiful lighthouse – Mohawk Point. This was the trail that I hiked. Along the trail, there were finches, robins and ducks. The woods beside the trail seemed alive in the sunshine that finally peaked out! Here are some photos:



The weather stayed pretty decent for the rest of Saturday, but the wind still kept up. By evening, clouds were moving back in and it looked like more rain was on its way. The cloud cover moving in made for a spectacular sky over Lake Erie.


Saturday night the rain moved in, as we knew it would. We watched some more television and drank coffee until we were tired. Sunday dawned with partly cloudy skies and still very windy. The weather forecast didn’t look too promising, so we decided to just stay long enough to enjoy a nice leisurely breakfast and pack up before the next round of rain.

It was a nice weekend away. The weather is never guaranteed and if you wait for the good weather, you may miss out on some fun trips. We don’t really care how what the weather forecast is when we’re camping. It’s nice to have sunny skies and warm temperatures, but we have all the comforts of home in the trailer. If we have a rain day, then we watch television, play games or read and we have a furnace to keep us toasty warm. We just love being away.

Rock Point Provincial Park is a nice place to camp. The sites are large with 30/15amp service. There are no water hookups on site, but water taps are nearby. The comfort station in our campground was very clean as was the campground. I enjoyed the hiking trail very much.  Rock Point is a nice park located right on the shores of Lake Erie. There is no boat launch at the park, but a nice beach to relax at, or walk along. I would recommend this park!




We camped at Rock Point on a rainy weekend in September 2008. Our site was really nice. It was large and semi private. The rain moved in on the Friday night that we arrived, but I still managed to get in a hike on the Saturday – no pics though since I didn’t have a waterproof camera! We still had a campfire both nights and spent some time at the beach. What a nice campground! Here’s some photos:


In between rain showers, we went to Dunnville and Port Maitland. We took some really cool pictures there, while another storm front made it’s way through.


Rock Point was a nice park. Our site was very nice but very flooded by the time Sunday morning came. Of course, as we were packing up, the sunshine appeared. Oh well, that’s camping. At some point, we’ll come back here to camp. Here are some links:’s_south_coast/port_maitland.html


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