Bronte Creek Campers Halloween

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It would seem Campers Halloween at Bronte Creek Provincial Park is becoming a tradition for us! This year marked the third time we’ve attended and the best one yet! We arrived at Bronte Creek on Sunday evening after a rainy weekend camping at Golden Pond resort. I had a week of holidays and the plan was to just stay for the week and take some time decorating our campsite. This was change! The previous two years we had no time to decorate and threw together something quick.

While at Bronte Creek, I’d planned to visit a couple Conservation Areas nearby to do some hiking. One of the places I’d most been looking forward to hiking at was Rattlesnake Point. Finally, I got to do it! The weather was fantastic and I took advantage of it! Here are some photos of that beautiful day hike:

The same week we arrived at Bronte, the colleges in Ontario went on strike. That actually worked out in my favor! Our daughter lives in Oakville and attends Sheridan College. The strike left her with time to come visit and stay with us at the campground. It was nice to spend time with her and she was a great help decorating for Halloween! Having the entire week at Bronte allowed me lots of time for getting things set up. Here are some photos of what our display looked like by Friday night!

Besides decorating, I got in a few more hikes at Bronte Creek. The weather was unseasonably warm for late October, but fantastic for outdoor activities! Here are some photos of my hikes at the park:

It was so wonderful to have the week to relax at Bronte. Many mornings I spent having my coffee and watching the sun come up. So pretty! Time away camping is my way to recharge and it works so well! Bliss!

Morning Sunrise!

By Friday we were all ready for the actual Campers Halloween! Saturday night we were ready for the trick or treaters and even their parents! Here are some photos of our campsite on Saturday night!

Yes, we did put on costumes for Halloween!

As always, our time at Bronte was awesome! Our campsite was large enough to hold all our displays and as an added bonus it had 50 amp service. We had a visit from my brother and my great niece Emily and as I mentioned earlier, our daughter Katey stayed with us a few nights. Campers Halloween always brings some RVing friends as well. I think this year there were about seven RVing in Canada couples that stayed the same weekend. It’s turned into quite the get together!

Here’s a link to more photos:

If you’re interested, Bronte Creek Provincial Park hosts two Campers Halloween weekends in October.