Arran Lake RV Resort

Arran Lake RV Resort – August 2016

We booked an extra day and spent a long weekend in August at Arran Lake Resort near the town of Allenford, ON. We left on Friday night after work and drove to our first stop – Fifty Point Conservation Area. It was a quick overnight stop, so we didn’t really spend any time doing anything at the park. Here’s a photo of our site with three way service.


This trip marked the beginning of two things – the first an end to what had seemed like an endless drought and two, the first trip out with our new traveling kitten – Joey! It started raining overnight while we slept and continued on for the entire drive up to Allenford. The last road into the campground was gravel, so you can imagine the mess it made of our vehicles!

When we got to Arran Lake, the girl registering us seemed hesitant about the site she reserved for us after seeing the size of our fifth wheel. So, she took Dave on a golf cart and showed him the two sites she had in mind and a couple last resort pull thrus. Well, it ended up being a pull thru, which was kind of in a field. A very wet, completely open field. Oh well, sometimes you just have to get past these things and move on. I remind myself at a time like that of my philosophy – any day camping is a good one! So here are some photos of our site!

The weekend we stayed at this park was their Halloween celebration. Had we known, we would have taken part despite the rain!

It rained off and on pretty much all of the day on Saturday, but we still walked around and checked out the lake. Due to the weather, we didn’t bring our kayaks as we knew we likely wouldn’t make it out on the water. Such a pitty as that was the main reason I booked this park! Arran Lake looked beautiful and definitely a place we’d like to paddle!

Our dear friends John and Cindy stayed with us for Saturday night and part of Sunday. It’s always such a treat to have them camp with us! Although Saturday the weather never seemed to improve, by Sunday it had become very nice! We packed up and went for a drive to Inglis Falls to do some hiking. I’m so glad we did! What a beautiful falls!

Our friends headed home Sunday around noon, but we still had one more night at the park. The weather tamed down enough that had we brought our kayaks, we might have got a couple hours in. Instead, we just walked around a little more then relaxed and read. It was so nice to enjoy a campfire! It seemed the entire summer so far had fire bans wherever we went! In fact, due to this we bought a little propane fire pit. We did use it Saturday night rather than buy wood since the weather was still a little iffy. It works well!

The campground really emptied out on Sunday and we were basically camping alone in a big, empty field! It was so quiet! Only a few seasonals remained. We enjoyed the rest of the day together reading, walking around the park and relaxing until it was time to start a campfire. Yes, a real, wood burning campfire. It was so nice to have the inside of our fiver smell like a campfire again!!

So for a review of Arran Lake Sun Resort!

The park is one of the only parks that I found on Arran Lake, which of course makes it the only destination if you want to camp on the shores of the lake and do some kayaking. The campground is fairly large with an abundance of seasonal sites and a fair number of overnight sites. Our area, the pull thrus had three way hookups but it would have been difficult to park our fiver where we could actually use the sewer hookup. The pull thru sites are also on a fair grade, which you can tell when looking at the photo of our campsite above. They are grassy, which is nice, but of course due to all the rain, more muddy than anything else! We didn’t use the washrooms or showers here so I can’t really comment on the facilities. I know they had just installed new bathrooms/showers recently. There is a rec hall, a boat launch, boat rentals, a playground and scheduled activities for little ones and adults too. A band was scheduled for the Saturday night, but they had cancelled. There are other overnight sites mixed in with the seasonals near the rec hall, but they were much too small for our fiver. Likely our 29 foot Spree would have been ok in a couple.

The waterfront area is nice with a small sandy beach and swimming area. There are docks to fish off and a boat launch as well. A little camp store at the front office carries some supplies, but not many.

Overall, the park was very clean and despite being busy, it was also very quiet. Our campground host that checked us in also delivered our wood and stopped by a few times to see how we were and if we needed anything. Very good customer service and very friendly!

Should we decide to go back to Arran Lake and kayak again, we’ll definitely stay at Arran Lake Sun Resort again. There were a couple other pull thrus I’d try to reserve first, but where we were was ok.

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