Indian Line



We stayed at Indian Line campground in October of this year. Indian Line is ran by the Toronto Region Conservation Authority and is located near Brampton. We arrived after dark on a Friday night and had a lot of trouble finding our campsite. Finally we found it and got set up. There are four separate campgrounds at Indian Line with the majority being serviced with 30 amp electrical and a water hookup. Our site was #217 located in the Hillview Village Campround. The online reservation site didn’t show photos of our campsites, but it looked like it may have had a view of the reservoir. No such luck, the water was on the other side of a rather large hill. Here are some other photos of our campsite:

For a park located in Brampton, close to Toronto, the capitol city of Ontario, it had a bit of green space. I walked around the park and explored a bit. I learned by doing so that it didn’t look like there was anywhere to launch our kayaks if we were to come back. To be clear, I would not consider Indian Line a wildlife park, but if you’re looking for a place to stay close to the Pearson Airport or the Toronto International Centre, nothing beats camping. At least that’s how we feel. It’s close to Wild Water Kingdom, Black Creek Pioneer Village and a short drive from Toronto itself. Now, just to be clear, as mentioned, there are areas of green space here to enjoy. Here are some photos:

One thing we wanted to do while at Indian Line was visit the Cottage Life Show at the Toronto International Centre. The park was located only 20 minutes away and it was a great way to spend a rainy Saturday morning. We were looking for a camping sign for our trailer, but didn’t find anything quite right. I did find two really pretty candle holders made of birch. Nice and rustic! By the time we got back to the trailer early that afternoon, the rain had been replaced with blue skies. Unfortunately a cold wind too! We enjoyed a campfire and met a nice couple from Fort Erie that were camped beside us for the weekend. I did a walk around the entire park and checked out the other campgrounds. Indian Line does have a few amenities that we are not accustomed to such as WiFi, which was a nice change. In the summer they have a pool open for swimming. There is a coin laundry, dumping station and a park store. The campground itself was clean as were the facilities I checked on. Here are some miscellaneous photos of the park:

Despite a rather long drive to the park and a difficult time finding our site, we still had a great weekend. We spent a lot of time relaxing after getting back from the Cottage Show. Here are some photos of what we like to do best!

So, it’s time now for a review of Indian Line! First, before I begin, let me remind everyone of the location of this park because it has a lot to do with the review I gave it. It’s location puts it near the Toronto International Airport as mentioned, a few different 400 series major highways and a mainline railway. We were fortunate in that it was cool and our windows were closed which contributed to quieting things down. Airplanes weren’t heard, but we seen quite a few heading to and from the direction of the airport. The highways were close enough to hear, but not loudly. However, the mainline railway tracks were fairly close and used very often. They used no whistles, but we could hear them regardless. It would be very bothersome in the summer with windows open! Poplar Village seemed to be the campground located the farthest from the tracks. The quality of our campsite was not good at all. The only good thing was the level gravel pad. As mentioned earlier, the sewer hookup was useless because we’d have to back our trailer into the road to connect. The narrow strips of grass between sites gave us not much green space and zero privacy. We never really knew where our firepit was, so we ended up using the closest one on the opposite side of the trailer. The sites were very poorly marked out with the numbered post being halfway up the gravel pad. Terribly difficult to find after dark.  And now for the positive side of the review! The park was very clean with all the facilities I checked out such as laundry, comfort stations and park store well kept. The staff was very friendly and helpful. So would we stay here again? Well, to be honest, it wouldn’t be high on our list of parks to return to. However, if we had an event at the Toronto International Centre, or someone to pick up at the airport on a weekend, quite likely yes. In the end, we both would rather be camping than staying at a hotel in Toronto or in fact, anywhere. We would likely research other campgrounds within the park and try to find something further away from the railway tracks. Now to be fair, I spoke to the park superintendent while checking in and he said there were changes coming in the parks future. He stated that Hillview Village Campground was a little rough and required a little work and he was hopeful next year would bring improvements.

Here are some links to Indian Line Campground:



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