Long Beach



Site #149

 We stayed at Long Beach for a weekend in September. It was our first trip back since 2013. This park is very close to home for us, only taking about 45 min to drive here. I reserved site #166, but upon arrival we changed it to #149, which allowed us to park so our chairs would be facing Lake Erie. The site itself was level and decently large, but was not private at all. It bordered onto a main campground road with seasonals behind us. The one advantage was how close it was to the lake. We could walk across the road to the beach. Our site had both water and a 30 amp hookup.

Usually we bring our kayaks and do some kayak fishing on Lake Erie, but the weather wasn’t looking too good so we did not bring the kayaks. Friday night, it was clear and we enjoyed a nice campfire. Overnight the rain moved in and we woke up to a windy, rainy day. We spent the morning enjoying a leisurely breakfast then watched a movie after a quick walk.

The sun came out on Saturday shortly after noon. It was still cloudy and very windy. I went for another walk around the park and along the beach. The sky and the water made for some beautiful photos!

The wind did die down later in the afternoon on Saturday and the skies cleared. We enjoyed a campfire late into the night. Around us the seasonals were getting packed up as this was the last weekend the park was open. The park was pretty quiet and the patrols regular.

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Campsite #30

This was our very wet, muddy site #30 at Long Beach Conservation Area. We debated trying to find another site to move to that was a little more dry, but it looked like all the sites were like this, so we ended up staying put. We arrived around 7pm on Friday night and set up camp. The ground was so soft, we had to put boards under the wheels of the trailer. The site was overgrown and there was no path to the electric and water hookup which is why I ended up with a tick on my jeans – yuck! Dave ended up with a few more than myself on his clothes. We promptly sprayed ourselves liberally with bug spray. The fire pit was under water, so we had to improvise and create a new one on the edge of the old one.  Here are some photos of the site and the campground roads in the “North campground”.

The weather wasn’t the greatest until late Saturday afternoon, but we still went kayaking on Lake Erie. It was flat calm around 8am, but by the time we got on the water it was a little choppy with a light drizzle falling. We caught some beautiful bass and enjoyed ourselves despite the weather. Sunday we went out again on Lake Erie with our kayaks. The weather was a little nicer, especially when the sun came out from behind the clouds. You can find photos of the fish we caught and our time out on Lake Erie at my blog http://kayaker67adventures.blogspot.ca/ .Here are some photos of Lake Erie:

We came in from kayaking around 3pm on Saturday and started a campfire immediately! Both of us needed to warm up a little after our fishing excursion. It was nothing that a warm fire and some hot coffee couldn’t fix. We were also treated to a visit from my dad and brother later in the evening. Here are some campfire photos:

Well, now it’s time for the much anticipated review of Long Beach C.A. The campsite scores very low due to the site quality. I understand that due to all the rain it must be hard for the park to keep the grass cut, but I could see the long grass line where they never cut it and unfortunately the hydro and water post were buried in that super long grass. Also, park patrols did seem few and far between, but hey, the park wasn’t busy in our section. The one lone staff member we spoke to when we checked in was friendly, but didn’t offer any brochures, maps or even directions on how to get to our site. The boat launch could have used a raking or something to remove the mounds of green algae. The park roads seemed okay and the dumping station was alright as well. The water tap was a little far away from where you actually dump your tanks, but we worked around it.

So, would I come back here? Well, let’s say I wouldn’t rush back. The primary benefits to this park for us would be the close distance from home and easy access to Lake Erie. As always, for us ANY camping is a good time! So here are some links:





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