Bon Echo



We camped at Bon Echo Provincial Park in September 2007 with our Prowler Hybrid trailer. We spent a few days here hiking, kayaking and sight seeing. Our site was large and private. The park itself was very nice and very clean. In our travels around the park, we came upon a deer laying beside the road and one eating along the brush line.  The laundry facilities and washrooms were clean as well.  Mazinaw Rock was awe inspiring.

We took a tour of Mazinaw Rock on the Mugwamp ferry while camping here. Mazinaw rock rises over 100 metres from the water line and descends another 100m below the water line. It was a really weird feeling kayaking by Mazinaw Rock knowing how deep the water was below and looking up at the sheer size of this rock. Here are some pics from our Mugwamp ride:

The Mugwamp ferry offers the service of delivering passengers to the Cliff Top Trail which ascends Mazinaw Rock to some terrific lookouts. We took advantage of this and hiked this trail. It’s a long way up the hill baby, but worth the view!

And here are some more campground pictures:

There are quite a few hiking trails at Bon Echo. All of them looked nice and were of varying length. We chose to hike the High Pines Trail. It was a really nice trail that led through some nice park scenery.

Our long weekend at Bon Echo remains one of our favorites. One day we would love to return to this beautiful park with many, many things to do. If you go there, catch a sunset over Bon Echo Lake, visit the Friends of Bon Echo store (very cool stuff!) and you must hike the Cliff Top Trail until you’re at the very top of Mazinaw Rock. Also, spend some time taking the Mugwamp ferry to really appreciate the immensity of Mazinaw Rock from the water line and wander the trail to the “narrows” where you can read a historical plaque about the history of this special place before it was a provincial park. Oh and don’t forget to look carefully at Mazinaw Rock, you may see rock climbers testing their skills. Here are some links:


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