Byng Island



This was our second weekend at Byng in July. This time it was only Dave and I camping and we couldn’t get our favorite site #531. Instead we ended up at site #425 which is away from the seasonals and as we suspected a little noisier. I would rate the site itself pretty much a zero for privacy, as in none, but the quality was pretty good. Although you can’t tell from my photos it was a level grassy site. Here is a photo of the site:

We planned on kayaking both the Grand River above the Dunnville Dam and the Grand River below. Dave was eager to get out on the river to fish some more below the dam. The weather this weekend was fantastic for kayaking. It was cooler without the typical humidity and there was some cloud cover out on the water. This trip out I kayaked 13 km through the marshes and back up the Grand River. Dave caught a few fish, but only got pictures on his phone so I have nothing to show here on my blog. Here are some pics:


We had a very cool time out at Byng as usual. The kayaking was fun and the

park as usual was nice. Patrols were regular and even the noisiest campers seemed to quiet down well before 11pm. It’s too bad there was a campfire ban at the park, but nothing could be done about it. It seems like it’s everywhere in Ontario due to the dry conditions. I’m sure this weekend will be the last at Byng for 2012 as we’ve booked other parks until the end of the season. We’ve enjoyed our time here and will likely be back next year!

Here’s a link to more photos:


Campsite #531

We camped at Byng for three nights at the beginning of July. I booked site 531, our favorite site at the park. It’s always so quiet at this end of the park because the site is surrounded by seasonals. Our daughter and her friend joined us on this trip, so we made use of the large, clean beautiful man-made swimming pool while there. Friday was so hot, it was a nice way to cool off. I used my Olympus waterproof camera at the pool and took some really cool pictures. We brought our bikes as well and I spent a fair amount of time biking around the park.  Of course we enjoyed relaxing around the campfire every night we were there.

Here are some pictures of our time at the pool:

We had a great time swimming. It’s always so clean and if you’re concerned about small kids there are plenty of lifeguards and it’s shallow all around the edge. It’s a very large pool with lot’s of room on a busy day. I used my Olympus waterproof camera here and took quite a few really nice underwater shots. I’ve had this camera now for just over two years and it’s been awesome! No problems with it mechanically and it always takes great pictures. It’s my kayaking camera for when I’m on the water. It takes fair videos as well, but can’t compare of course to my non-waterproof Sony movie camera. Anyway, I’d recommend the Olympus Stylus tough camera to anyone.

Saturday morning we decided to go kayaking. The weather forecast had changed and it appeared the thunder showers were cancelled. We launched at the boat launch at Byng and headed up Sulphur Creek. I didn’t bring my fishing gear as I planned on doing some sight-seeing in the marshes. Dave was intent on fishing for pickerel near the Dunnville dam so he came equipped. While I was drifting near an island I heard a weird noise that turned out to be a couple lost, frantic young raccoons. My pictures didn’t turn out great, but at least I captured a photo of them. After kayaking for awhile I noticed a storm front rolling in. Dave and I decided to head back to the take out. The clouds were so cool and I was so sure we were in for a storm, but it rolled right past us. We didn’t have to come in from the water. After it passed over us, I headed out to explore another channel on the Grand River. Here are some pictures:

We stayed out on the water until late morning then headed into Dunnville to pick up some supplies for the bbq we were having that night. The Dunnville Farmers Market was still running so we bought some strawberries and corn. A little pricey but at least we were supporting local farmers. The strawberries were incredible! My brother Jeff, niece Tara and Grandpa Ben stopped by for a bbq and visit Saturday night. It was nice!

As always, Byng turned out to be a great long weekend away. We enjoyed ourselves very much. This park is a favorite of ours. It’s close to home (an hour), clean, well staffed and quiet. It was nice to do some swimming while camped there. It is a really nice pool and very clean. The next time we kayak here, I think we might paddle above the dam and utilize the launch on the upper Grand at Byng. As well, I’d like to paddle in the evening. Here are some links:

And if you want to try some kayaking or paddle boarding and don’t have the equipment, go see Grand River Kayak, located just outside the park. They have some very cool events and of course they rent equipment. Ed, the owner is very nice. He’s helped me out with my kayak before (which I didn’t purchase there), when my rudder broke on the Grand and threatened to end my weekend of kayaking. When it’s time for another kayak, I’ll be visiting him. Here is the link:


We camped at Byng Conservation Area June 2009. Both our girls were still camping with us at the time. As well, our new kitten Milton accompanied us on her first camping trip ever. At the time we had our Jayco Kiwi. The site was a nice back in but with very little privacy. The Blue Heron campground at Byng has very little privacy at any site. Like every other Grand River Conservation Area park we’ve camped at, Byng was very clean, well run and well patrolled. Byng is close to home and has access to the Grand River for kayaking. Here are some photos of our site and trailer:

Dave and I kayaked the Grand River and the channel from Byng out to the Grand. The kids enjoyed spending the day at the huge, beautiful man-made swimming pool. Here’s some photos of our time kayaking:

 Byng Conservation is one of those parks that we keep coming back to when we’re looking for a quick weekend getaway that’s close to home. We don’t concern ourselves too much with the lack of privacy at Byng, because we’re usually not at the site that much anyway during the day. There are a lot of seasonal sites at Byng, but they are kept up very well and I must say, the people at this park are so friendly,staff and campers alike. I’d recommend Byng to anyone looking for a nice little park with a beautiful swimming area for kids or a nice place to bike or relax. Here are some links:

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