Glengarry Park


Campsite #39

Glengarry Campground is part of the Parks Of St.Lawrence campgrounds. We had not stayed at this park before and used it primarily as a park to stopover for a couple nights on the way back from New Brunswick. As it was, it took us nine hours to get from Sugarloaf Provincial Park in NB to this park! Fortunately, we had an early start leaving NB and arrived at Glengarry with plenty of time before dark. I booked a pull thru not knowing what time we’d arrive and I’m glad we did! There were not too many sites that would have accommodated our rig with as much room!

We did not have our kayaks, but had we, it would have been nice to paddle the St.Lawrence River and Lake St.Francis. Another time I’m sure! We spent our time instead relaxing, enjoying campfires and fixing our bedroom AC unit! It had been leaking through the vent in the bedroom, so we hadn’t been able to use it. Fortunately it hadn’t been too hot in New Brunswick! So, we took apart the AC inside the bedroom and on the roof. Here’s what it looks like apart in case you’re curious!


Our Bedroom AC – roof view!

Friday night we enjoyed dinner and a campfire with a view of ships passing on the St.Lawrence Seaway! I baked Nutella Croissants and we went for a couple night time walks around the park! Dave set up my palm tree and I must say – it did light our way back to the campsite every night! 🙂

Saturday we walked around the park and just relaxed. We knew that we’d be on the road early Sunday with a 5 1\2 hour drive home. Here are some photos I took of the park on our walk about:

Glengarry wasn’t the first campground we’d stayed at on the Parks of St.Lawrence. We also enjoyed a holiday in 2010 at Long Sault, just a short distance away. This time, as then, we had no complaints about the park. It was clean, patrolled and the site quality good! Our pull thru was level with a gravel pad and two way service (30 amp and water). Next year I think we’re going to try another Parks of St.Lawrence campground – Upper Canada Migratory Bird Sanctuary. As for Glengarry, really we didn’t have any complaints. If you’re booking there, just be careful of the site you choose. There are areas where maneuvering around trees that line the campground roads would be tough with a big rig like ours. The pull thrus where we were had lots of room but ours had a large crab apple tree that was dropping crab apples  – MESSY!!! Here is another photo of our campsite from the entry point.


Campsite #39 from entrance of site.

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