Long Point Provincial Park

Site #7

Long Point Provincial Park was the first of three parks we stayed at during our holidays in June. We’d been to Long Point before on site #456 which was much nicer. The site I booked was a pull thru with no privacy but I knew that when booking. The purpose of this trip was to host our annual Spring RVing in Canada potluck for my Facebook group. Privacy wasn’t an issue since everyone attending wanted to be in the same area. One thing I must say – early June is not the time to go if you can’t tolerate bugs. It was the time of year for one particular type of non biting fish fly type of bug. They were everywhere! Our fiver was coated with them. Some nights and days there were clouds of them!

Despite the bugs, which would be my only real complaint, we had a great time. The day of our potluck was sunny and warm which seemed to keep the bugs at less numbers. The food everyone contributed was so tasty and there was so much! Here’s a few photos of the event:

I towed the fiver up alone on the Friday and Dave joined me later after he finished work. We decided to bring our boat to try some Lake Erie fishing, so he needed to bring a second vehicle anyway to tow it. We’re just too long to double tow with our fiver. We managed to get out twice on Lake Erie with our daughter and son in law and friends Derek and Tatjana. It was nice to have our kids Nikki and David stay with us for a night! Here are some photos of our first time out on Lake Erie:

We didn’t even get to fish that first time out! As you can see from the photos above it was too rough. All of us riding in the bow were completely soaked by the time we got back to the launch. Dry clothes and a coffee was so nice! Our next time out was a little better. We headed out with Derek and Tatjana as Nikki and David had gone home. The water wasn’t rough and despite the dark skies the rain pretty much held out. We didn’t catch any fish, but we still had a nice time on the water.

We took a little time to go into Port Rowan and do a couple loads of laundry. Dave fished from a little park while and when I could, I joined him. I didn’t catch anything but he caught a catfish. Good way to kill some time!

Other than the bugs, I’d have to say Long Point really wasn’t too bad. It’s always been on my list of parks I’d return to and it still is, although I’d choose #456 again not something in the pull thru area. If you do choose the pull thru area be advised that the privacy is about the same as most pull thrus in private parks.

We enjoyed pretty nice weather during our stay although the wind kept our boating time pretty much limited. Some nice storm systems made for some beautiful skies over Lake Erie and the marshes. Here are some photos taken around the park:

If you’re looking for a nice provincial park, go for Long Point. It’s very clean and very well patrolled with some very pretty scenery. There is a very nice and it looks like a trail through the marsh. There are signs warning of ticks, but we didn’t find any on us. Mind you, we didn’t go through the marsh. We stayed on our campsite, the beach or walked around the park. As well, I always use bug spray with Deet. Here are a couple links you might find helpful if you visit the park and surrounding area:

The Ontario Parks Reservation Website:


The Ontario Parks site with info on Long Point:


And to Port Rowan tourist info website: