Fairbank was a stopover park on our way back from our Manitoba trip. We arrived here on a hot afternoon in July. It was the beginning of a long weekend, so the park was very full. We couldn’t believe the long drive in from Hwy.17 to get to this park.  We hiked one trail while we stayed here. Check out some pictures:


I’ve always said this was the least favorite park of ours in the five years we’ve been camping. It was noisy and not patrolled at all. I suppose it’s only fair to mention that it was a long weekend and the park was full, but still, no one patrolled. The noise was so loud that we turned on our AC to drown it out. Our site wasn’t the best for privacy, but sometimes that in itself isn’t always the deciding factor on what makes or breaks a park. I can’t say we wouldn’t give Faibank another try on a “non” long weekend. The lake was beautiful and the hiking trail nicely kept. As I’ve always said – you’ll never know how good a park is until you spend a few days there and we were only here for one day.

Here are some links:




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