Balsam Lake



This was our site at lovely Balsam Lake Provincial Park. The weekend weather was not too bad, with the only slight downside being the constant NW wind all weekend. Our site was pretty nice but not very private which in the end resulted in us meeting lots of other great campers.  The fall colours were pretty good. The park was awesome, here are some pics:

We hiked the Lookout Trail on Friday afternoon. It was a pretty short trail but the scenery was really nice, especially with the fall colours:

We were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to kayak on Balsam Lake Saturday morning. It was cool, I wore my toque, gloves and fleece jacket, but it was very warm in the sun. The shoreline was ablaze in more autumn colours. Dave caught some perch and a bass from his kayak. Here are some pics of our time on the water:

After a few hours the wind picked up and we were pretty much blown off the water. We drove into Coboconk and found a public dock and tried our luck there. I managed to catch the only fish – a lively little rock bass. We left there and drove to Fenelon Falls to check it out since neither of us had ever been there. What a cute little town. We never did find the little coffee shop that our friendly fellow campers told us about. Here are  some pics:

After our road trip, we returned to camp in time for dinner and nice campfire to chase away the fall chills. Our furnace in the trailer actually came on often Saturday night. We spent our time around the campfire with a wonderful retired couple we met, Mary and Dennis. It was a great weekend spent at a great park. We will be back here again another time, only we’ll stay a couple more days and come when it’s warmer for kayaking. We’d love to kayak across North Bay (Balsam Lake) to Indian Point Provincial Park and enjoy some fishing and a shore lunch. The park was very nice and very clean. Park patrols were regular and staff were friendly and helpful. Here are some more random photos taken at the park:

I would recommend Balsam Lake Provincial Park to anyone. We’ve heard that it’s hard to get in at this park during the summer so reservations are a must, if you can get them. Here’s a link to the park and to my Picasa site where you’ll find more photos of the park and surrounding area:


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