Lake Superior To Manitoba

In July 2007 we left for one of the most fantastic trips ever! Our journey took us around the Canadian side of Lake Superior through Lake of Woods and ultimately to Grand Beach,  Manitoba. This page covers the trip around Manitoba to Lake Superior. It was hot when we left home but the weather soon changed with a wicked storm that hit as we passed through Parry Sound. After the storm the temperature dropped quite a bit. We drove through the night reaching Sault Ste. Marie around 3am, where we pulled in to finally rest. After a quick breakfast at the Husky truck stop it was on the road again. I couldn’t wait to catch the first glimpses of the beautiful Lake Superior, which I hadn’t seen in 30 yrs. It was quite a sight to behold. Below is a photo of that first view of Lake Superior along with the Canada Goose at Wawa and our first campground of the trip, Obatanga Provincial Park:


After leaving Obatanga Provincial Park, we stopped briefly at White River to visit the museum in town and the Winnie The Pooh park. Back on the highway, we passed remnants of a forest fire on both sides of the highway. The Trans Canada Highway around Lake Superior is so very beautiful. There are many places to pull off along the road for a lunch stop or break to view the scenery. Next, I’ll post some pics of the stuff above along with the incredible Ouimet Canyon, Kakabeka Falls Provincial Park and the scenery until we hit the Manitoba border. Enjoy!


If you’ve ever heard of the book “100 Unusual Places In Ontario” by Ron Brown, then you’ll likely know the next couple photos. On our way to Manitoba we detoured to see the little church in Emo – Norlund Chapel and the bridge at Sioux Narrows – the longest single span wooden bridge in Ontario.

The drive to Manitoba was very long, but very scenic. The temperatures were cool the entire three day drive out and the sun barely shone, but the scenery was awe inspiring. The first park we stayed at was Obatanga and it was beautiful and wild. We would have loved to have time to spend there kayaking and hiking, but we had a schedule to keep. Ouimet Canyon was one of those places that once you’ve seen it, you’ll never forget it. Breathtaking! Go there! Kakebeka Falls was beautiful as well, but unfortunately another over night stop on the way to more places. Hopefully some day we’ll return to some of these parks again to explore more, hike and kayak. I cannot say enough about the Canadian side of Lake Superior, it is so incredibly beautiful. Next, I’ll post a page about our stay in Manitoba. Here are some links from this page:


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