Long Point



Site #458

We stayed at Long Point Provincial Park for a few days in late May of 2013. Our site #458 was nice, large, level and considerably private. The site on the right was well secluded by trees and there wasn’t a site on the left. Behind us was a beautiful meadow which ended in the distance at the marshes on Lake Erie. There was a multitude of different birds at Long Point which sang to us every morning and evening. Here are some more photos of our site:

While we were here we walked and rode our mountain bikes around the park often. There were no hiking trails here, but many pretty places to walk around the park. I was really impressed with how clean this park was. Long Point is a Wildlife Refuge and there are many endangered species of reptiles and birds that call this park home. To save reptiles, the park has put up fencing along “high mortality” places along the campground roads. Here are some photos of the fencing and the campground in general:

We brought our kayaks to Long Point hoping to do some kayak fishing in the marshes. All weekend we had a strong wind and it didn’t let up at all. The marshes are rather sheltered, so Saturday we headed out with our kayaks. We found the water to be very shallow for quite a distance out. Too far to go with a strong wind for any decent fishing. So instead, we amused ourselves with a paddle through the marshes looking for wildlife. Here are some photos of the boat launch and the marshes:

Here’s a link to my kayaking blog for other photos: http://kayaker67adventures.blogspot.ca/

While we were here we walked to the beach quite a few times. I can see why it is such an attraction for beach goers. The sand is soft and the beach stretches on for miles. Like the rest of the park, it was very clean. I didn’t see any litter anywhere in this park. Saturday night was my favourite visit to the beach. It was a full moon and it was so beautiful to see it over Lake Erie. I didn’t get any photos, but here are some pictures of the beach:

To say I liked Long Point would be an understatement. I REALLY liked Long Point. It’s one of the best provincial parks I think I’ve visited since we started RVing in 2007 and we’ve been to a lot of Ontario Parks. A lot has to do with the experiences at the park and the memories made too. Our site was so pretty and we spent every evening with a campfire watching the sky turn colour to shades of pink and peach with the sunset. The bird life was abundant and it was wonderful to sit and have breakfast watching yellow finches land close by in the shrubs and to wake up to so many different bird songs. I noticed deer tracks everywhere on my walks, but did not see any deer. Saturday night I stayed up late and watched the stars come out. I was even fortunate enough to see a falling star in the sky over the meadow behind us not to mention the most amazing full moon rise over Lake Erie.

So, for a review of this park, I’d have to say I honestly cannot think of anything negative to say. The small washrooms across from our site were clean. I can’t comment on the shower facilities as we used our own in our trailer. The campground roads to our hydro site were wide and paved. The park was well cared for and very clean. I seriously couldn’t find any litter anywhere in the park, be it on campground roads, the boat launch or anywhere. The park staff were really helpful in pointing out other places to launch our kayaks outside the park. They also patrolled regularly but the park was quiet despite being busy for a May weekend.

Long Point is a very beautiful park. I would love to come back here again!

Here’s a link to the park website: http://www.ontarioparks.com/english/long.html

And to my Picasa web album: https://plus.google.com/photos/116741237613027767021/albums/5882433887707143617?banner=pwa

And a website with information about Long Point Wildlife Refuge: http://www.ec.gc.ca/ap-pa/default.asp?lang=En&n=2927AC4C-1



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