A New Year of Mice and Campfires!

Well Happy Winter Camping to all! Our season officially began December 13th at Valens! That was the first weekend we could make it to the park to camp. The winter program changed to allow for a longer season. Winter Camping now officially begins December 1st and ends as usual the end of April. I LOVE being able to decorate the fiver for the holidays and spend the extra time there. It only adds up to two extra weekends, but hey, better than nothing!

That first weekend, we found evidence of a mouse visit in the fiver. It meant a lot of extra work, as they spent a lot of time on our bed including leaving presents of bird seed from outside, torn up tissue and well, other unmentionable presents! Yuck!!! Thank goodness I keep lots of spare bedding in the fiver. As for the main area, just a little evidence on the counter and a bit on the bottom floor of the pantry. Still, after that, a total clean up is in order! That first weekend turned out to be a lot of work and the weather wasn’t great at all – 25 – 30mm of rain, so we ended up coming home earlier than planned.

Our next weekend up was December 27th. After leaving out mousetraps last time, we found no mice inside. One was caught in a trap in the front pass thru. It was a nicer weekend away with plenty of bird life, long hikes and campfires. Our water system is working flawlessly so far, but it really hasn’t been terribly cold. I’m keeping the front pass thru temps at well above freezing and we’re just using the bypass to fill the hot water tank and draw fresh water from our large blue water jugs. It’s a great system which doesn’t require water to be stored in the fresh water tank. We took the time while it was warmer to drain both the grey and black tanks in case the temps drop. We learned that lesson last year! Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today!


Both of us had to be back home for Monday December 30th but we made a quick trip back up for New Years Eve. Dave had to work so he didn’t arrive at camp until later. The trip from work to Valens for him is usually one hour and fifteen minutes. Sometimes better, sometimes worse. We were fortunate to be joined for New Years Eve by our oldest daughter! I’m proud to say only Dave and I (the seniors) made it to midnight! Lol. For me, it almost didn’t happen. I was in bed napping at 10:00pm with an upset stomach. I woke up around 11:45pm to find Dave sitting at the campfire. I joined him in my pjs. Who cares right? No fashion show camping and I had to make that midnight hour of the New Year with him! That trip was short but beautiful! I arrived at the park ahead of Dave to snow covered trees and snow gently falling. It was so pretty. Our New Years Eve fire was in the snow. 🙂

Our next trip is scheduled for January 10th. We can only make it out twice a month as I work every other weekend. I’m grateful for that and the ability to use our fiver twelve months of the year. Our Calista is a wonderful fiver!

So, without further adieu, thanks for reading and hopefully I’ll have some new updates real time in the future. I’m using my new HP Chromebook which I’ll be taking with me to Valens each time not only for Netflix content on the TV but to update my site while we’re there!

Cheers to all and may a campfire be in your future soon!

Winter Camping Registration!

It’s hard to believe in less than a month, we can register for  the 2020 winter camping season at Valens!  Yup, i know, it’s September and no one,  (at least normal) is thinking of winter! Well, other than us! This year there are positive  changes to the winter program.  First, it starts December 1st. As well,  you can pay for a second vehicle pass at a reduced rate and lastly,  when you run out of nights, you can buy blocks of five nights for a reduced rate. We’re really looking forward to another great season of campfires and snowflakes! ❄⛄❄The plan is to keep the same campsite as last year. We lived the room the site had and the quiet of the new spot tucked away in the woods!

As for our seasonal at Long Beach, we now have only four weeks left! It’s going to be a but if work tearing down camp as we now have decks and some other things to store.  Also the quads and boat has to go home before we leave here on Thanksgiving Monday. From here, we’ll tow out to Fifty Point Conservation Area for a week to flush tanjs and get the fiver ready for winter camping!

Yes, I mentioned that dreaded “w” wird again. Let’s be honest though, autumn is right around the corner!  This morning we woke up to 11C temperatures! That’s ok by me, I love the cooler weather!  My oven in the fiver will be heating things up. The plan us to bake some Maple Donuts and Maple Scones. Both recipes gkuten free and sugar free!

Well, I’m off to get some things done at camp! Cheers and Happy Camping!!!😆🔥💥

2019 Update

So we’re two thirds of the way through 2019 and loving the camping life at Long Beach Conservation Area! Our travel plans changed drastically this year. We canceled every trip out and spent all our time at our seasonal site. There are definitely benefits to staying stationary instead of traveling. No traffic on congested highways, the ability to use our boat and quads. No regrets! I’ve been on somewhat of a social media hiatus for the summer. I’ve closed my Facebook account and page but plan on spending more time on this website. So, stay tuned as I’ll be posting more in the upcoming days and weeks!

Cheers and Happy Camping!!!

2019 Trip Itinerary!


Plans for 2019 are pretty much complete for us. We have only four more weekends left at Valens in the winter program and let me tell you, that time has flown by! It feels like we’re still getting into the groove of it all at our new campsite and now we’re over halfway finished! I won’t lie, I’m looking forward to winter giving way to Spring and Summer. Easter weekend will be our last stay at Valens which is in itself pretty awesome as I always seem to work that holiday along with Family Day. Not this year!

Our first trip after Easter weekend will be when we move the fiver off our winter campsite to Fifty Point Conservation Area. We’ll spend a week there doing a full tank flush, cleaning out all the winter gear and preparing for the warm season. Calista will also get her customary Spring bath. She will then go back to storage for a week.

We’ve decided we definitely want to do the seasonal program at Long Beach and will be paying the remainder of our fees next week! After much debate, we’ve decided to keep our large, grassy site and try to make our own privacy. If this doesn’t work for us, we’ll look into moving sites for 2020. We’re hoping to move our fiver to our site May 13th to began setting up. Seasonal itself officially starts Victoria Day weekend. This year we’ll be living at the fiver again with a couple days home over the months to keep up the house. The hope to rent the basement this year seems to be fading. There’s just so much work to do and now with my arm injury cleaning out the basement is likely going to take too much time at least for it to be ready by May.

May 29th to June 2nd, we’ll be leaving to stay at Valens again for our RVing in Canada Spring Potluck. Then, we’ll be back at seasonal until our first longer holiday. We’ll pull offsite and stay at Hammock Harbour at the beginning of July for nine days. The plan is to take our boat to fish Lake Simcoe and Lake Couchiching. Hammock Harbour will be a new park for us and fairly close to home.

We then come home to our seasonal until our second holiday in August which is from August 15th to August 25th. We’ll be visiting Batman Cottages & Campground on Manitoulin Island. I’ve secured us a nice pull thru with a lake view! Our boat won’t be going with us on that trip but I’m hoping the arm will be better and I’ll be able to kayak by then! August 25th we arrive back at our seasonal and stay there until September 19th.

Our Fall RVing in Canada Potluck will be held at Balsam Lake Provincial Park again. We’ll be at the campground from September 20th – 22nd, tentatively. We’ll tow back to our seasonal again on the 22nd and remain there until our seasonal campground closes on Thanksgiving Monday.

When we leave seasonal on the Monday, we’ll head straight to Bronte Creek Provincial Park and stay the week, ending with the Campers Halloween weekend on October 20th. We’re really looking forward to this event as last year was the first time in 3 years we haven’t attended. It’s a wonderful event and we are always joined by quite a few RVing friends for my Facebook group – RVing in Canada. Decorating is always fun and the weekend is such a great time!

Calista will go back to storage for a week after Bronte, then we’ll tow to Fifty Point for a week between October 27th and November 3rd. She’ll go back to storage again for a week before we head to Fifty Point for the week of November 10th to 17th.

That will be where our season ends for more warranty work on Calista. She still needs the floor replaced, but there wasn’t time last December before our winter camping program started. When the warranty work is done, we’ll pick her up towards the end of December and tow to Valens for the beginning of next year’s winter program!

I love, just LOVE how our camping season never ends. One season rolls into another, then another until another year has passed. Time flies when you’re doing something you really love. I can attest to that!


2019 Holiday Plans!

We’ve officially planned and booked our two longer holidays for this year!

First up and Dave’s choice, is nine days at Hammock Harbour on Lake Couchiching. We’ll be taking our boat as the purpose of this holiday is mainly fishing Lake Simcoe and Lake Couchiching. Our campsite and boat slip are booked! This will be a new park for us as will using our powerboat on these lakes. There is a lack of hiking trails in the area, but there’s a couple golf courses, a biking trail around the lake and Casino Rama nearby. I’m sure we’ll find some cool things to do when not fishing. Downtown Orillia is also a very pretty place to visit and spend some time.

Our second holiday and my choice is Batman’s Cottages and Campground on Manitoulin Island for about nine days. We won’t be taking our boat, but I’m hoping we’ll be taking our kayaks. I’ve warned Dave to get his hiking boots warmed up as I’ve found lots of beautiful trails near the park. Misery Bay Provincial Park looks amazing as does the Cup and Saucer Trail. I booked a pull thru, lakefront site and I’m hoping we can park the fiver so my back large window looks out over the lake. We’ll be visiting here mid-August. This will also be our first visit to this campground. We have been to Manitoulin once, maybe 30 years ago with friends but we didn’t camp.

We plan on booking Camper’s Halloween at Bronte Creek this year. We really missed it last year. The plan is to leave our seasonal on Thanksgiving Monday when the park closes and park at Bronte until the following Sunday. Also, we plan on booking a week again at Fifty Point in November. We’ll be out a little later, like mid November which will still allow time for our dealer to replace our floor before winter camping 2020 starts! It seems strange to look that far ahead but hey, planning is fun!

In the meantime, we’ve got only five weekends left of winter camping at Valens! I believe we’re almost halfway through the season already! Wow! So far winter camping has been more challenging than usual, but it’s still a fun way to use our fiver all year and enjoy all four seasons RVing!

Thursday at Camp

Tough day at camp today. My arm is still really sore from yesterday’s fall on the ice. I had so much I wanted to get done. The pain meds made me sleepy but I finally got myself together around 10am. By 2pm I’d had enough moping about and decided it was time to get stuff done, pain or not! I managed to take a bunch of 4L water bottles to the comfort station to refill. I just carry everything with my left arm. I brought them back to top up our large blue water jugs which I have no hope of carrying with a bad arm. We’ve started using our water system a different way. Instead of filling our fresh water tank, we de-winterize, open the hot water tank and fill it from our large blue jugs. We leave the setting on winterize and pull fresh water from the large blue jugs. Voila! Hot water and fresh water with minimal work.

After that chore, I tidied up Calista, emptied garbages and changed thd bedding. What a nice duvet cover from Ikea! ☺

To do what little I did today seemed to tire me quickly. No walks or hikes for me despite the decent weather. It was colder than yesterday,  about -1C earlier, with breaks of sunshine. I’m  hoping for a little more energy tomorrow and less pain. If so, I’ll head into Cambridge for some supplies and tackle the Reflectix chore if I can lift the mattress. Aside from that, I need a nature fix, like a nice hike! Until tomorrow, cheers!



Yay for hoĺidays! Hoping to land at our winter campsite a little earlier this week and enjoy some peace, solitude and much needed downtime! We also have some chores to do such as putting the Reflectix on the plywood under the bed.

I wonder how much snow we have at our campsite? Ice reports on Valens Lake are 8 inches, which is safe for skating and ice fishing! Oh I can’t wait to get back to our second home!

Happy Winter Camping!        ❄🔥☃️❄🔥☃️