Port Burwell



Our only camping trip in July was here. Beautiful park. Very busy but very quiet. The park staff were nice and the park itself very clean. We kayaked up the Big Otter River and were treated to a beaver swimming in front our kayaks. Lots of wildlife on this river. We then headed back to Lake Erie so Dave could do some fishing. He promised perch but never delivered. LOL. It all worked out, we just went to the local fish market instead. I kayaked around the pier and breakwall and landed on the beach where I spent an hour or so swimming on one of the finest beaches I’ve been to! It was late morning, so it wasn’t packed with people yet.

Late afternoon we spent around the campfire pit drinking cold beer and talking about our upcoming holidays. My brother and sister in law came by for a surprise visitBBQ. We went kayaking again (brother Jeff and I). Good time had by all. The rest of our time we just relaxed back at camp and enjoyed campfires and great food!

I would like to plan another weekend here but paddle as far up the Big Otter as possible just to see what’s there! Lovely place, I’d recommend the park to anyone.

Here’s a link to the park: http://www.ontarioparks.com/english/portb.html

And here’s a link to more pics of Port Burwell in my Picasa album:



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