Presquile Provincial Park – June 2016


The photo above is from our first stop on Thursday night at Fifty Point Conservation Area. Neither of us could get off work any earlier so we knew we would never make Presquile Thursday night. We chose a quick stopover at Fifty Point just mainly to flush our tanks which were in bad need. A friend brought our fiver home after our trip in early May to Hidden Valley that ended with truck troubles and we didn’t have time to empty the tanks then. They were not even 2/3 full so we left them. With full service hookups, Fifty Point was the perfect place to do a complete flush out of both the grey and black tanks. We had some time to relax and enjoy the beautiful summer evening together.

Friday morning we left around 9:30am hoping we’d miss most of the morning rush hour traffic in Toronto. I debated taking the 407 ETR, but things looked to be moving pretty good in Burlington where the exit to the highway is. They continued to move well until the 427 meets the 401 East. Then we sat and sat and sat off an on again until Scarborough. What a terrible drive! Once we hit Bowmanville it was smooth sailing with no traffic!

This was the first tow with our new Ram 3500 and it towed like a dream! No complaints at all. RPMs hit a max of 2,000 on a couple of hills, but the truck never laboured one bit. What a difference in towing from our last truck! One thing not so positive was the terrible fuel mileage – even worse than our 2500. The Dodge website says mileage on our model truck should improve after about 10,000 km, so we’ve got awhile to go.

We arrived at the park around noon and found our site. We were able to move a couple posts out of the ground to make backing in a little easier. Clearly this happens often on the campsite as the posts were very loose in the ground. The site was very private, surrounded by trees and beautiful giant ferns, but it was buggy! Here are some photos of site #407

This was our second visit to Presquile so we knew what to expect. Beautiful biking trails and nicely paved campground roads with wide bike lanes with lovely rest stops along the lake. So, we tried out our new Swegman bike rack and brought along our bikes!

We enjoyed some riding along the peninsula. Here are some photos:

Saturday afternoon was our first annual RVing in Canada potluck for my Facebook group, so we spent the afternoon getting set up and playing a little Holey Board. Dave was winning, but I won the title back!

The potluck went very well! We had many group members attend and a lot of really delicious food! Looking forward to the next one in September at Balsam Lake Provincial Park. You can find details on the event in our group – RVing in Canada on Facebook.

Sunday the intention was to get up early to get a good start on packing. I suspected Toronto traffic would be heavy coming home. That didn’t quite work out as we slept in until 10:00am. That NEVER happens to us! We’re up at the crack of dawn!  The drive home did turn out to be very busy and we ended up heading up Brock Road to take the 407ETR home. Once we were on that, we made great time.

Our stay at Presquile seemed very short, but we had a great time. We got out biking once, seen a lot of camping friends we haven’t seen since last year, walked a fair bit and spent some time relaxing too. It’s a beautiful park and I’d encourage anyone that hasn’t camped there yet to give it a try. There are many areas of woods with beautiful trees and wildflowers which of course is the perfect habitat for the many birds! Many types that I haven’t seen before! Here are some park photos:

Presquile is a large park with many campsites, some of which are on the lake. There are a lot of things to do at Presquile including hiking trails, biking, the interpretive centre and museum at the lighthouse and beaches galore! Nice kayaking with a couple decent launches on either side of the peninsula. Worth a visit for sure!

If you’re looking for things to do outside the park, the cute town of Brighton is located nearby!