SITE #69

This was our beautiful site at Dalewood, #69. It was considerably private with a wooded area on one site and a field behind it. There was also a small tree buffer on the other side between the two sites. It was also a nice large, level site which made backing in fairly easy. We left home around 5pm  on Friday and about two hours later reached Dalewood. We were pushing dark, but we still managed to get it backed into the site and set up  in decent time. Kettle Creek Conservation Area doesn’t have photos of the campsites on their reservation system yet, so I wasn’t sure what the site would be like when I booked for Dalewood. It was our first visit to this park and we weren’t disappointed!

Dalewood is located a short drive from the town of St.Thomas, ON. There are plenty of neat things to do in the town of St.Thomas, but we chose to just enjoy the park for the weekend. Dalewood encompasses 25 hectares of wetlands with 200 unserviced and serviced sites. There are 12 km of trails in the park and let me tell you, they are beautiful. We enjoyed hiking the trails at Dalewood. They were fairly well maintained and very scenic. Here are some photos of the trail:

We were really impressed with Dalewood. The park was clean and well kept and the patrols were quite regular. There is a pool at Dalewood which is open during the summer months, horseshoe pits and a large playground. In the summer there are family activities run by the park.  Here are some photos of the park:

Other than our hike, most of our time at Dalewood we spent relaxing. I tried “cast iron skillet cornbread” over the fire, which turned out fairly well. It was a wonderful weekend!

So, for a review of this park! I’d have to give it a high score. Some of the sites are nicer and more private, but all seem fairly decent. The park was very clean and well maintained and as mentioned earlier, well patrolled. There is plenty to do at this park for families during the summer. There is a swimming pool, large playground, horseshoe pits and many large green areas to play soccer or football. Also, during the summer, the park organizes family activities like movie nights and hay rides.

Both Dave and I were very impressed with Dalewood and would like to come back again. We didn’t bother kayaking this time, but we’d certainly like to in the future. I’d definitely recommend this park! Here are some links:







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