May – Long Beach Conservation Area

Long Beach Conservation Area – May 2018

Our first year ever of being seasonal began on Victoria Day! We were allowed to bring our fiver out the week before and set it up, but camping officially didn’t begin until the long weekend. I took the week off and drove out to Long Beach every day to set up more things once the fiver was parked. We chose site #17 from the few available ones. It was very deep and considerably wide with a large pine tree on either side. The down side was the lack of privacy. As you can see from the photos below, it was very wet when we parked.

By the end of the week, we were ready to camp! We started a wood pile, brought the boat up and a few other items we thought we’d use while seasonal. Just to clarify, we did intend to travel a little while parked at the seasonal site. We also intended to come home on the weekends I worked and when I was on call. That soon changed and we ended up living at Long Beach until the season ended. Back to May at Long Beach! Here are some photos of the park:

We worked hard to get the site ready for the season, not really knowing what we needed or would use. Here are some photos:

I made a little herb garden, bought a screened shelter and a used patio set for inside. We put the window film back on the door, hung bird feeders, started a decent wood pile and found a perfect place to park the boat. The site looked good!

May was a nice month at the park. The long weekend seemed like a wild, unleashing of the beginning of camping for some. It was loud and I was very aware of how little privacy we’d have on #17. Our neighbours seemed nice on all sides but some, a little rowdy. I enjoyed my time during the week more than the weekends, but that was the bonus of living there.

The weather started out very wet then seemed to dry up a bit. We enjoyed many walks to the lake and along the beaches.

It was a good month with many campfires, a fish fry and the start of memories made for 2018!