2016 Campgrounds


April 22nd – 24th: Green Acres Resort
April 29th -May 1st: Milton Heights Campground
May 6th – 8th: Hidden Valley Carefree 
and Ziplining at Long Point Eco Adventures!
May 20th – 23rd: McRae Point Provincial Park (Victoria Day)
June 16th – Fifty Point Conservation Area
June 17th – 19th: Presquile Provincial Park (RVing in Canada Potluck)
June 30th – July 3rd: Goreski’s Landing Parkbridge (Canada Day Weekend)
July 8th – Fifty Point Conservation Area
July 9th – 17th: Holidays at Pickerel Park Carefree
July 29th – August 1st:  Highland Pines Resort (Civic Holiday Weekend)
August 11th – Fifty Point Conservation Area
August 12th – 14th: Aaron Lake Carefree Resort
August 19th – 26th: Holidays  – Sugarloaf Provincial Park (New Brunswick)
August 26th – 29th: Glengarry Park (Parks of St.Lawrence)
September 2nd – 5th: Windmill Point Campground (Labour Day Weekend)
September 9th – 11th: Smith’s Campground, Midland ON
September 22nd – Fifty Point Conservation Area
September 23rd – 26th: Balsam Lake Provincial Park (RVing in Canada Potluck)
September 30th – October 2nd: Cedar Beach Resort
October 7th – 10th: Shamadon Resort (Thanksgiving Weekend)
October 21st – 23rd: Bronte Creek PP Halloween Weekend
November 4th – 6th: Valens Conservation Area 
November 18th – 20th: Fifty Point Conservation Area
Winter Camping at Valens begins December 31st and lasts until April 2017 !!! 🔥⛄❄❄❄ 

6 thoughts on “2016 Campgrounds

  1. Bob Cardwell

    Susan do you know Pickerel Park Carefree doesn’t have FULL service. We stayed there last summer for 4 nights with a friend that wanted to be in that area. Carefree only took over this park less than a year at that time. They are looking to put some money into the place, they were just finishing redoing the washroom next to our site. They were also in the middle of replacing & adding new boat slips. Also looking at your trip to Victoria Harbour Parkbridge as my brother loves in Victoria Harbour, looks nice.


    1. schrest Post author

      Yes, apparently they only have two way hookups Bob. We don’t mind as long as there’s a dumping station. We have a portable tank we take on longer trips. Not sure how the park itself looks, we’re in #109. The park looked pretty decent online and we’ve visited Carefree Resorts before. The main attraction was its location on Hay Bay! We are looking forward to doing some kayak fishing!
      Yes, Victoria Harbour looks nice too! I’m looking at a weekend there in September. I’d like to go sooner and do some kayaking. All I have left is a weekend in June and one in September. All else is booked up!


      1. Bob Caedwell

        Dump station next to washroom, sites not big. Office/store had nothing in it. So hope with Carefree putting $$$ into the park things will look better. You can PM for more info.


  2. Bob Henson

    DAVE we pull a 2010 KZ Spree 261 ( remember when ) How much better or different is pulling the 5r???? Love your website & follow you guys regularly.


    1. schrest Post author

      Hi Bob, thanks for following our blog! We both tow the fiver and agree the tow is much better than a bumper pull. We notice this particularly when towing on tbe highway and being passed by transport trucks or in winds. Definitely more srable. Both of us find backing in a little different. Our fifth wheel has a more lazy turn. It has been a great unit for winter camping with the additional insulation and heated basement. We’re happy! ☺



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