Campsite #4

Campsite #4

Our first camping trip in June took us to another new park – Darlington. This little park is on the shores of Lake Ontario just beyond the crowded city of Toronto and it’s suburbs. I’ve never really mentioned this before in my blog, but it’s somewhat of a quest of mine to visit every Ontario Provincial Park. That means every park regardless of proximity to a city. So, Darlington, although not a very “wild” park was on my list. We were pleasantly surprised by the park. It was clean, well laid out and quiet considering the time of year. June, being a little further into the summer is busier. Our site was nice,  level and a fair size. The bugs were not too bad either. A short walk from our site took us to a quiet beach. We kayaked on McLaughlin Bay, then after a short carry over a sand spit we were on Lake Ontario headed to Oshawa Harbour. I hiked a beautiful trail that emerged from the woods to a field filled with wild phlox. What a pretty sight to see! The roads throughout the park were nice for bike riding.

The next day we launched our kayaks just outside the park into Lake Ontario and headed East. Nice day, nice weekend.

If you’re looking for a nice little park close to civilization, try Darlington. If highway or railway noise bothers you and you’d like to be away from civilization don’t choose Darlington. We will go back again some time another year.

Here’s a link to Darlington: http://www.ontarioparks.com/english/darl.html

We didn’t tour the Darlington Nuclear Power Plant, but here’s the link if you’re interested: http://www.opg.com/power/nuclear/darlington/index.asp

As well, here’s a link to my Picasa album for more Darlington photos:



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