We camped at Arrowhead the last weekend of September 2012. This was our second visit to Arrowhead, the first being in July 2008. Our site was in East River Campground – site #202. It was a very large site with a long run to the hydro hookup. We were able to move the trailer to the back corner to cut the distance to the hookup. Of course there are no onsite water hookups at Arrowhead, but our site was close to the water tap and the vault toilets. The best part of this trip was the company we had. Our friends John and Cindy camped with us for the weekend! Dave and I decided to leave Thursday night and stop over at the Walmart in Barrie and meet our friends there Friday morning. From there we departed for Huntsville after a nice breakfast together. Here are some photos of the trip up and our site at Arrowhead

The site was very large and very level. It was private as well. No complaints when it comes to site quality here. Our last site in 2008 was pretty much the same, but located a few campground roads down from this site. After getting everything set up, it was time to relax and have a few beer to celebrate the trip!

The fall colours along the campground roads were beautiful:

And here are some photos of beautiful Stubb’s Falls:

The weather was perfect the Friday we arrived. It was sunny and not too cool. The weather however was supposed to cool off over night with rain showers moving in on the Saturday morning. We enjoyed a beautiful steak dinner and cold beer around a campfire Friday night. Saturday we awoke to cool temperatures and a very overcast sky. The first place we visited after an incredible bacon, eggs and toast breakfast was the Big Bend Lookout. Here are some photos:

Cindy and I headed out to hike a couple trails while Dave and John fished at Arrowhead Lake. The first trail we hiked was the Homesteaders Trail. It was rated as an easy 3km hike that traversed the path of a former colonization road and passed by remains of a homestead. Here are some photos:

The next trail we hiked was the 7 km Beaver Meadow trail. It was rated moderate. A camera could not do justice to the sights along these trails . I tried, but honestly, you would have to hike them in the fall to fully appreciate the beauty. Along the Beaver Meadow Trail there was a spot with the most incredible mix of colour – white lichen, evergreens, red, yellow and orange leaves! I stopped to admire it, just incredible. Another spot along the way found my senses stunned by a beautiful pine tree that looked like natures own Christmas tree. Vibrant green with beautiful bright red maple leaves stuck amongst its branches. Here are some photos of the Beaver Meadow Trail:

After our hike we headed back to camp. The rain had begun falling a little harder and it was cooling off a little more. Dave and John had arrived back at camp earlier and had a nice fire waiting  for us at camp. Their afternoon of fishing landed them a monster carp, or so I’m told. Carp in Arrowhead Lake? I still think they were joking. The rest of the afternoon and evening we spent relaxing around the campfire. We had spread tarps between our awning and campfire pit earlier in the day to keep a dry area and keep the fire going. John and Cindy cooked a wonderful dinner of cedar plank salmon over the fire. Between that and the great rice dish Cindy cooked, we ate like kings and queens. Actually, we ate like kings and queens the entire weekend. Food was plentiful, the beer was cold and the company wonderful. We stayed up singing campfire songs and laughing the night away. What an awesome time together! Here are some campfire photos:

Arrowhead was as always, a beautiful park to visit. It’s clean and well run with friendly staff. We did use the showers and washrooms and all were very clean each time we used them. The weather starts to get a little dicey around the end of September, so we weren’t sure what to expect. Despite the rain, we hiked trails and still had our fires at night and in the morning. The weekend was the best yet. We enjoyed camping with John and Cindy and hope to camp together again next season. It was a first for us, we’ve only camped alone. I can’t say enough about Arrowhead Provincial Park it has always been one of our favorite parks. It’s always busy, so it must be a popular park. Here are some links: – for a good waterproof map of Arrowhead PP

And for more photos of this camping trip, see the link below to my Picasa Album


We camped at Arrowhead in July 2008. Our campsite was huge and backed onto a large field. It was a short walk to the comfort stations and showers. We loved Arrowhead and would love to go back again.  There were bears roaming around the weekend we were here, but we didn’t see any. Here are some pics of the park:

Arrowhead Lake was so pretty, I don’t have any photos from our canoe trip, but I do have some beautiful photos of the lake:

We took a day trip to Dyer Memorial, a place that we always visited as kids when my grandfather lived in Huntsville. It has changed a lot since then. Here are some pics:

We also took a trip to the Muskoka Pioneer Village and a train ride on the Portage Flyer, a train that used to take cottagers to lakes around Huntsville long ago. Here are some photos of our trip:

At the time we camped at Arrowhead, we still had our heavy, behemoth canoe and two kayaks. We kayaked on both Mayflower Lake and Arrowhead Lake. Dave and I fished from the canoe, or I should say, I paddled the canoe and he fished. We had a great time and he caught some nice bass. Sorry I don’t have any pics of the bass, but here are some paddling pictures:

I hiked a pretty trail to Stubbs Falls early one morning and caught the mist rising off the water:

While we were at Arrowhead, we also went to the Lions Lookout in Huntsville and fished at the docks on the Muskoka River. The fish were plentiful and the kids had a blast:

We had a great time at Arrowhead. The park was amazing and there was so much to do in the area. Our site was huge and very private. I would recommend this park to everyone.

Here’s a link to more photos of mine online:

And here are some links to the places we visited:

Lastly, here’s the link to Arrowhead Provincial Park:


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