Fifty Point Conservation Area

Fifty Point CA – April\May 2018

It’s become a tradition to end our winter camping season and begin our regular season with a stay at Fifty Point Conservation Area. It’s always been one of my favorite close to home parks.

I booked us into #62, which is one of our favorite sites at the campground. The three way hookups are wonderful for cleaning out our tanks post winter camping and cleaning the fiver as well. I usually do a complete inside cleaning and Dave handles the outside and the tanks. We empty the winter camping gear and heaters and bring out our summer equipment. This year, our fiver went from Fifty Point to storage, then on to our summer seasonal site at Long Beach.

We’ve stayed at Fifty Point pretty much every month of the year from April to November throughout the years and the park never disappoints. Of course the die-hards that love campfires won’t enjoy Fifty Point, but for us, we camp so often that a week without fires doesn’t bother us.

Camping every month of the year really allows us to see and appreciate the change of seasons. Spring at Fifty Point is beautiful! The wildflowers are starting to bloom and the marina is starting to wake up for the year! I enjoy many hikes around the park and snap many photos!

It’s been rare for us to see wildlife at Fifty Point other than maybe some ducks, but this trip we seen a beaver and some wild turkeys! Although you can hear the highway a bit from the campsites, I still find the park to be a gem in a very populated part of the province.

One of the things I’ve been taking care to do over the last couple years is improve our meals in the fiver. Since we pretty much live in it from May to November, healthy food has become a priority. No more “Hey what the heck, treats are ok, we’re camping!” If we were only out once in awhile then we could maintain a healthy lifestyle the rest of the time. Since we’re out all the time, we need to look at this as our life. So, I’m always trying low carb, healthy dishes in the fiver. Since it is like a house and I have pretty much a duplicate of every appliance and kitchen tool at home, there’s no reason not to cook the same way. Here’s an example of a couple low carb camping meals that I tried:

With Fifty Point ending, our first year seasonal will be beginning soon – stay tuned!