We arrived at Voyageur Saturday afternoon for the first three days of our holidays, after an overnight stop at the Flying J truck stop on the Friday night we left home. Voyageur was one of the last parks in the area with campsites available when we found out our dates had changed for holidays. It’s a nice little park located on the Ottawa River pretty much on the Quebec border. You can actually bike a trail out of the park and into Quebec within minutes. Our site was a great quality, fair size electrical pull thru. The park itself we found to be very clean. The comfort stations and laundry at the Champlain campground were the ones we used and they were spotless. Although we didn’t see any park patrols it was very quiet the entire weekend. We visited the park store one hot day for an ice cream and the staff there were wonderful as well. The park beaches that we visited looked clean.

Our road trips took us to Pointe Fortune on the Ottawa River where the Corillion Dam is located and a cool little car ferry that crosses the Ottawa. I would have loved to take it across the river, but Dave couldn’t wait to get back into Ontario. So, we headed West to the little town of Hawkesbury. Interestingly enough, although in Ontario, they spoke French first wherever we went.

At the park we spent lots of time kayaking on the Ottawa River and amongst the many bays. Here are some photos:

Dave caught a few bass while out fishing from his kayak. I kayaked the bays along the Ottawa River and saw numerous Herons. That’s about the only wildlife we encountered while at the park. Our plans included a couple hikes, but we left them until the last day and it rained over night, so we never made it out. We enjoyed this park, but felt like there wasn’t much left to explore via kayak after our stay. If we were in the area, we’d stay here again since the staff were so nice and the park so clean and quiet. If you haven’t been here, I’d recommend it for even a couple days.

And a link to the park:

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