Six Mile Lake



We camped at Six Mile Lake  one weekend in September. It was one of the best trips to date. I didn’t take any pics of our site, but it was a nice large pull thru. We landed after dark on Friday and the fire pit was so far from the campsite, we thought maybe we were using the neighbours. We did a lot at this park starting with a day trip to Massasauga Provincial Park to kayak, then the Big Chute Marine Railway and finally to Honey Harbour. Lets start with some pics from inside Six Mile Lake Provincial Park.


We left on the Saturday morning and headed to Woods Bay to launch our kayaks. We paddled from there to Blackstone Harbour at Massasauga Provincial Park. I had packed a nice shore lunch in my dry bag. Our landing spot for lunch was the Calhoun Lodge, part of the park. The lodge is pretty much abandoned, but the park keeps it up. I wanted to hike a trail, but Dave said early on he didn’t want to hike where there were rattlesnakes. I lost that battle, but we did have a great time kayaking. Here’s some pics below:


After battling a West wind we arrived back in the late afternoon at Woods Bay Marina. We dropped the kayaks off at camp and headed to the Big Chute Marine Railway, which was close to the park. Here are some pics:


Below I’ve included a couple pics of Honey Harbour where we went Sunday morning and a pic of Dave feeding Milton, our cat, which he says never happens! I should also mention that when we went to Honey Harbour the only place we could find for breakfast was a little restaurant that served its breakfast on paper plates. But what a great breakfast it was. Too bad I forget the name, but it’s the only little restaurant in town.


We considered a day trip kayaking out of Honey Harbour to Beausoliel Island but changed our mind and kayaked at Massassauga instead. Hopefully in the future we’ll do this trip. I can’t complain though, this weekend trip was so wonderful. We packed so much in but still felt like we had done do much and had a great trip away.

Here is a link to more pics of Six Mile Lake Provincial Park:

and links to both Six Mile Lake and Massasauga Provincial Parks:,

and a link to Georgian Bay Islands National Park: .

As well, here’s a link to Big Chute Marine Railway, and Honey Harbour,

Hope you visit both Six Mile Lake and Massasauga as they are a couple of the most beautiful parks we’ve been to. There are remote campsites at Massasauga and if you want to stay at Six Mile Lake, you can canoe the Gibson McDonald canoe route from there or just paddle the many miles of shoreline on this lake. Have fun!


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