Spring Valley Parkbridge


Site #4

Spring Valley Parkbridge is located a little south of the town of Mount Forest. It’s fairly easy to get to being located right off Highway 6. This was a new park for us. We’ve visited a few in the area, but not this one. I spoke directly to the park manager and she gave us a site large enough to accommodate our fiver. Actually any of the pull thrus and a couple back ins would have worked for us.

We arrived on Friday around noon and were one of the first arrivals on Canada Day Weekend. Our site was a little flooded and the firepit full of water, but it had been a rough week for the park. Actually a rough week for the entire area. Lots of rain and a lot of flooding. It was so bad that Spring Valley had been closed for a week for clean up and had just reopened the Friday we arrived. We called the park office and they sent someone down to fix our fire pit so we could use it. The standing water slowly dried up around our site as well.

We wandered around the park to check it out and were very impressed. The seasonal area was very nice and well maintained. A lot of sites backed onto water and were so well cared for. The park itself was very clean and had two pools, a beach area with inflatables, a rec hall, two fishing ponds, and plenty of activities for kids. Here are some park photos:

The weather held out pretty nicely for the entire weekend with only a little bit of rain the one day. A few times it looked very much like rain but the clouds rolled on through. The overnight campground was full being a long weekend, but quieted down at 11pm every night. We really enjoyed our time at this park, but I think if we visited again, it would be during a shoulder season. Lack of privacy isn’t quite as bad when you have the campground to yourself!

We spent every night enjoying a fire and did many walks and bike rides around the park. Sunday we went into town and found a cute little bakery and ice cream shop. Dave got his butter tarts and I got my ice cream! 🙂

Here are some photos of our nightly campfires!

As I mentioned, the park always had something going on! Saturday night there was a live band at the park and Sunday night an amazing fireworks show for Canada Day! The location of the park where the band played was far enough away from the overnight area that we couldn’t hear them. We rode our bikes down and listened for a while.

So, for my review of Spring Valley – would we go back? Yes, it would be a park we’d return to, but at a different time of year. As I mentioned, shoulder season would be nice. Were we to return, I’d bring two things! Fishing rods and a bathing suit. I loved the fact that they had two separate large pools. One for adults and one for families. We spoke to quite a few people that fishing the ponds and they caught some nice fish! Of course it’s catch and release but still, lots of fun.

I think I’d try to book a back in site. Some are a little more private and some would be a very easy back in for us. The park offers both 30 amp and water in the overnight area, but no sewer. There is of course a dump out station but I think it might a little difficult for us to access it with our fiver. No issue of course because we do carry our waste caddy most of the time. The park staff were super helpful delivering wood and ice and helping with our flooded fire pit issues. You can tell a decent amount of money is put into the park because of all the services they offer. Close by the overnight area is another park with a playground, volleyball court and a basketball court. All the equipment looks new or in very good shape. I think it would be a fun park to take kids too. So many activities to do there!

If you’re thinking of visiting, here are some links to websites: