Conestogo Lake


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Our last camping trip of the season was at Conestogo. We stayed here a weekend in the middle of October. It was getting kind of cool, so we left our kayaks at home. Too bad really, the days were very warm though the evenings cooled off. The park was not busy at all and the weekend we camped here was in fact the last weekend the park was open for camping. Here are some pics of our site and the campground:

Conestogo Lake had already been lowered to winter levels when we camped here. The high water line was quite different from the low water level. We hiked a trail to the lake and sat along the shore fishing. We caught catfish and perch. Here are some pics of the hike and Conestogo Lake:

Below the Conestogo Dam is another campground, along the Conestogo River. There was no one there except a beautiful little red fox running across a field. We spotted wild turkeys along the hiking trail above and decided to park for awhile Saturday night to see if we could see more wildlife. Nothing surfaced, but here are some cool pics of the campground and Conestogo River.

While we were at the park, we went to the St.Jacobs market, did some biking, hiking, fishing and relaxed around the fire. Here are some pics:

Conestogo Lake was a really nice campground. The sites where we camped would not be very private in the middle of summer, but off season it was nice and quiet. The lower park was empty and quiet as well. It was about a 40 minute drive to St.Jacobs market from the campground.  We couldn’t believe how low the water level was at Conestogo Lake. We’d like to come back in the summer when the levels are normal. This trip was a nice finish to our camping season of 2010.

Here is a link to my Picasa album:

And a link to Conestogo Lake Conservation Area:


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