Guelph Lake



We stayed at Guelph Lake Conservation Area in August of 2011. This conservation area is part of the Grand River Conservation Authority. We’d been here kayaking before on a day trip, but had never camped here. So, although on our day trip drive though, we weren’t impressed with the sites, we figured what the heck, bag another new campground. Our site was okay, that’s about the only thing I can say. There are lots of seasonal sites at this park and most aren’t very well kept. The park was not very quiet either. I wondered if the country music fans with their music cranked loud would have appreciated it if I decided to play my musical tastes loud. Musical taste aside, loud music is irritating to many people that just want to enjoy a quiet campfire. Back to the park. We used the facilities in our trailer, so I can’t really comment on the washrooms nor showers. Based on experience though, usually Grand River parks are very clean and well kept. Park staff are always friendly and helpful at these parks. We’ve camped at every conservation area in the Grand River system now, with the exception of Laurel Creek and have always been pleased with cleanliness and staff. The weekend weather left a lot to be desired, but we still had fun kayaking on Guelph Lake. The lake level at the time of year we camped here was a little low. We fished from our kayaks and caught some catfish and perch. Nothing worth keeping, not that we would have anyway. Still, catch and release fishing is fun sometimes and this time around the fish were fiesty. It was hot on the water, but eventually, a breeze came up. That breeze brought through a storm system later in the day. Here are some kayaking pictures on Guelph Lake:

After spending a good half day on the water kayaking, we headed back to camp. It looked like some weather may be moving in, so I decided to hike a trail before the storm system arrived. I ended up hiking what they call the Red Loop. It’s the longest one there and pretty nice. It’s well marked out – kudos to trail maintenance! Here are a few photos of the trail.

After the hike, the rainstorm rolled through. We managed to stay dry under our campfire cover and even keep the fire going! I took some pictures of the dark clouds after they rolled through.

Well, I guess in conclusion, I’d have to say that although we had a decent time at Guelph Lake, I doubt we will ever camp here again. I can think of lots of parks as close to home that we’d rather stay at. We still had a good time, but then again we always do manage to have a good time where ever we travel. My philosophy is that you should always camp somewhere once to say you’ve been there and to give a fair opinion on the park. After all, what one person may like, another may hate.  Here are some links to some relevant sites:


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