Camper’s Halloween – Bronte Creek!

This was our second year celebrating Camper’s Halloween at Bronte Creek and I think it’s a tradition we’ll continue! This year we arrived early and booked the same site as last year. Although only rated up to 32′ on the reservation site, it accommodates our 36′ fiver with room to spare!


We arrived earlier in the week on a Wednesday due to a wedding we had planned on the Friday – our daughters wedding!!! We knew we had the rehearsal dinner on the Thursday and the wedding on the Friday. Wednesday was the best day to set up at the park. We drove back home Thursday for the rehearsal and just stayed there overnight. We drove back Oakville, or I should say Dave drove back to Oakville after the wedding reception. I celebrated just a little too much to drive. We slept in on Saturday then spent some time decorating the campsite. We didn’t have much time, so it wasn’t as elaborate as we had wanted, but as usual it was fun!

What made it even more fun was the visit from my dad, my brother Jeff, my niece Tara and my great niece Emily! My brother went all out and got dressed up for Halloween to take Emily out. They stayed for dinner as well and campfire.

Dave got into the action as well! I don’t have photos of it, but he put on a wig and a mask. He was also enjoying the fog machine, maybe a little too much!

It was a great day and we had a lot of fun. There were many trick or treaters and many campsites decorated so nicely! Our neighbour on the campsite across from us was handing out shots of some coffee flavoured drink to the adults! Nice touch and I think maybe next year our site will hand out Tequila Rose to the adults. We’ll see! As always, we enjoyed walking the campground roads looking at all the campsites in the Halloween spirit!

Sunday we decided to hike to Bronte Creek. We figured the salmon were still running and we might get a good look. We had no idea where the trails were to get down to the water, but we did find one. I didn’t realize how far down it was to the river! The trail we used is not something I wouldn’t have done on my own, but I was really surprised my husband who is always lecturing me on taking risks did it! Here are some photos of the hike.

Our weekend away was short, but a lot of fun and wow, did we get some exercise in! A great way to wear off the wedding food from the day before! The colours were so beautiful and we did see salmon in the river. It looked like it was nearing the end of their run, but still a beautiful sight to see.

Campers Halloween at Bronte is always such a fun time and it always seems that lots of camping friends of ours make it the same weekend! Such a great time away as usual!

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