Fanshawe C.A



SITE #455

We camped at Fanshawe CA in September. Our site #455 was a roomy corner site with a water hookup and 30amp hydro. Interestingly enough, there was not a 15amp plug on the post. I think that’s about the first time I’ve seen that before.  The park was very well patrolled and the washrooms old but very clean. One word of advice though, if you want quiet, you may want to rethink this park. The first night we were there, we heard a rumble that continued to get louder until a jet, yes a fair size jet flew low overhead. It wasn’t the last either. Apparently, this park is not very far from London airport and we were below some sort of flight path. Here are some pictures of our site:

Saturday morning I woke up early and walked to Fanshawe Lake to take some pictures:

The best part of our trip to London was seeing our daughter who called London her home at the time. We picked her up and went to lunch at Mandarin then brought her back to the trailer to camp with us Saturday night. It was an awesome time! Here are some pictures of  the park:

Nikki and I did get out kayaking for a short time on Fanshawe Lake. It was a little windy, but it wasn’t too bad. While we kayaked, Dave took off to fish below the dam. A lot of fish were jumping when we stopped earlier in the day. He had one good one on, or at least that’s the way the fish tale went LOL! Nothing landed though. Here are some kayaking photos:

After some kayak time, we headed back to camp where “Chef Dave”, bbq’er extraordinare prepared a fine steak dinner for all. The rest of the evening was spent around a nice campfire making homemade campfire smores – nice treat!!!

Here are some pictures:

And so, here’s my review of Fanshawe Lake CA. It was a clean, quiet, well patrolled park. Our site quality was good. It was level and close enough to the hookups. In terms of privacy, I’d have to give this park a very low rating. There are no hydro sites with any decent level of privacy. During the shoulder season, this wouldn’t be too much of an issue as it’s not too busy. The staff were very friendly and the washrooms although old, very clean. Fanshawe Lake was a typical river fed lake much like the ones on the Grand River, not very clean looking at this time of year due to low water levels and low in flow from the Thames River. It wouldn’t be a place I’d swim, but it was fun kayaking here. I didn’t have time to hike anywhere, but the trails looked nice and there is also a nice bike trail in the park as well. The only noise to complain about would be the planes flying low overhead on their way to the airport. It seemed that there were no flyovers from about 8pm to 7am, so at least we could sleep undisturbed at night. The dumping station was actually four separate areas to pull up to. This would be very helpful during the summer. The only wildlife noted was a raccoon that climbed up on the truck tire, over the hood and up on the sunroof Friday night and the fatest groundhogs I’ve ever seen – non climbing of course! We followed the raccoons entire route thanks to the tiny paw prints!

Everything considered, Fanshawe didn’t disappoint us.

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