Winter Camping Registration!

It’s hard to believe in less than a month, we can register for  the 2020 winter camping season at Valens!  Yup, i know, it’s September and no one,  (at least normal) is thinking of winter! Well, other than us! This year there are positive  changes to the winter program.  First, it starts December 1st. As well,  you can pay for a second vehicle pass at a reduced rate and lastly,  when you run out of nights, you can buy blocks of five nights for a reduced rate. We’re really looking forward to another great season of campfires and snowflakes! ❄⛄❄The plan is to keep the same campsite as last year. We lived the room the site had and the quiet of the new spot tucked away in the woods!

As for our seasonal at Long Beach, we now have only four weeks left! It’s going to be a but if work tearing down camp as we now have decks and some other things to store.  Also the quads and boat has to go home before we leave here on Thanksgiving Monday. From here, we’ll tow out to Fifty Point Conservation Area for a week to flush tanjs and get the fiver ready for winter camping!

Yes, I mentioned that dreaded “w” wird again. Let’s be honest though, autumn is right around the corner!  This morning we woke up to 11C temperatures! That’s ok by me, I love the cooler weather!  My oven in the fiver will be heating things up. The plan us to bake some Maple Donuts and Maple Scones. Both recipes gkuten free and sugar free!

Well, I’m off to get some things done at camp! Cheers and Happy Camping!!!😆🔥💥


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