2019 Trip Itinerary!


Plans for 2019 are pretty much complete for us. We have only four more weekends left at Valens in the winter program and let me tell you, that time has flown by! It feels like we’re still getting into the groove of it all at our new campsite and now we’re over halfway finished! I won’t lie, I’m looking forward to winter giving way to Spring and Summer. Easter weekend will be our last stay at Valens which is in itself pretty awesome as I always seem to work that holiday along with Family Day. Not this year!

Our first trip after Easter weekend will be when we move the fiver off our winter campsite to Fifty Point Conservation Area. We’ll spend a week there doing a full tank flush, cleaning out all the winter gear and preparing for the warm season. Calista will also get her customary Spring bath. She will then go back to storage for a week.

We’ve decided we definitely want to do the seasonal program at Long Beach and will be paying the remainder of our fees next week! After much debate, we’ve decided to keep our large, grassy site and try to make our own privacy. If this doesn’t work for us, we’ll look into moving sites for 2020. We’re hoping to move our fiver to our site May 13th to began setting up. Seasonal itself officially starts Victoria Day weekend. This year we’ll be living at the fiver again with a couple days home over the months to keep up the house. The hope to rent the basement this year seems to be fading. There’s just so much work to do and now with my arm injury cleaning out the basement is likely going to take too much time at least for it to be ready by May.

May 29th to June 2nd, we’ll be leaving to stay at Valens again for our RVing in Canada Spring Potluck. Then, we’ll be back at seasonal until our first longer holiday. We’ll pull offsite and stay at Hammock Harbour at the beginning of July for nine days. The plan is to take our boat to fish Lake Simcoe and Lake Couchiching. Hammock Harbour will be a new park for us and fairly close to home.

We then come home to our seasonal until our second holiday in August which is from August 15th to August 25th. We’ll be visiting Batman Cottages & Campground on Manitoulin Island. I’ve secured us a nice pull thru with a lake view! Our boat won’t be going with us on that trip but I’m hoping the arm will be better and I’ll be able to kayak by then! August 25th we arrive back at our seasonal and stay there until September 19th.

Our Fall RVing in Canada Potluck will be held at Balsam Lake Provincial Park again. We’ll be at the campground from September 20th – 22nd, tentatively. We’ll tow back to our seasonal again on the 22nd and remain there until our seasonal campground closes on Thanksgiving Monday.

When we leave seasonal on the Monday, we’ll head straight to Bronte Creek Provincial Park and stay the week, ending with the Campers Halloween weekend on October 20th. We’re really looking forward to this event as last year was the first time in 3 years we haven’t attended. It’s a wonderful event and we are always joined by quite a few RVing friends for my Facebook group – RVing in Canada. Decorating is always fun and the weekend is such a great time!

Calista will go back to storage for a week after Bronte, then we’ll tow to Fifty Point for a week between October 27th and November 3rd. She’ll go back to storage again for a week before we head to Fifty Point for the week of November 10th to 17th.

That will be where our season ends for more warranty work on Calista. She still needs the floor replaced, but there wasn’t time last December before our winter camping program started. When the warranty work is done, we’ll pick her up towards the end of December and tow to Valens for the beginning of next year’s winter program!

I love, just LOVE how our camping season never ends. One season rolls into another, then another until another year has passed. Time flies when you’re doing something you really love. I can attest to that!



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