Hello 2019!

Here we are mid way through the month of January. Dave and I have already spent two weekends at Valens in our new winter campsite. Next month marks our one year anniversary with Calista. ❤ We spent a lot of time with Calista this past year and still love everything about her. ☺ I’ll be catching up on our 2018 RV adventures over the next few weeks, but here’s a brief recap.

We spent our winter season of 2018 at Valens as is usually the case. In fact this year, 2019 marks our fifth season winter camping!❄⛄🔥 We ended our winter season late April and towed to Fifty Point Conservation Area for a weeks stay. Thats usually our post winter camping water flush out and fiver bath time.🛁🛀🚿

A couple weeks after Fifty Point,  we moved our fiver to Long Beach Conservation Area where we began our first experience at being seasonal. There were pros and there were cons but in general it was great. The most appealing part to me was being able to live in the fiver for the duration we did. It gave us a great taste of full time living.☺🚙

We pulled off our seasonal site twice in June. Once for a long weekend at Selkirk Provincial Park for my Facebook groups potluck and for a nine day holiday at County Shores on Bay of Quinte. 🎣⛵

July and August we lived at the seasonal enjoying boating and fishing🎣⛵🐟 on Lake Erie and different races at Toronto Motorsport and Jukasa Speedway.🚘🏁 Long Beach is close to a few launches on Lake Erie and golf courses as well⛳. We had plenty to do nearby.

September we traveled to Trailside Resort in Parry Sound then on to Balsam Lake Provincial Park for our second Facebook group potluck. 😆😆

Our seasonal camping ended Thanksgiving but I wasn’t ready to go home so we moved on to Fifty Point until November 4th. Our fiver had some minor warranty work and we wanted to leave the dealership lots of time to finish before winter camping began.

Every year is a little bit different with my work schedule but it looks like we’ll have some extended time at Valens and a week in the Spring at Fifty Point before we move back to our seasonal site in May. Our two main holidays will be in July and August this year. We’re undecided as of yet where we’ll be going. Oh and one other big event in 2018 saw my crazy hubby adopt a third cat. We’ve always had our two boys with us, but THREE? Hubby says no problem, it will all work out, but I’m apprehensive. Time will tell, so stay tuned for those adventures!!! 🐾🐱☺ More to follow!

Happy Camping!!!


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