2016 – Shaping Up To Be A Great Year!

I’ve made some changes to our upcoming year of camping and of course been reserving like mad now that my time off has been approved at work! Here’s a rundown on what we’ve booked so far!
April we have one last weekend of winter camping at Valens and Green Acre Resort. In May – Hidden Valley Carefree Resort (ziplining at Long Point Eco Adventures) and McRae Point Provincial Park
June – only one trip out because our daughters bridal shower and stag & doe are both scheduled for this month! We’ll be at Presqu’ile Provincial Park hosting the RVing in Canada Potluck
July we’re at Goreski’s Landing Parkbridge for Canada Day, then holidays at Pickerel Park Carefree Resort.
We round out the month and start August with a trip to Highland Pines for the Civic Holiday Weekend. We have one weekend trip in August to Arran Lake Carefree Resort then, we’ll take our second longer holiday at Ivanhoe Lake Provincial Park or a split trip between Pancake Bay and Chutes Provincial Parks.
September we’re booked for Labour Day at Windmill Point closer to home due to work obligations. Then, it’s on to Smith’s Park in Midland for a weekend stay. The last trip so far in September will be to Balsam Lake Provincial Park for our second annual RVing in Canada potluck! We’re hoping for an extra day or two here for kayak fishing. I might get one more weekend at the end of September, but it’s too early to submit my time off yet.
October is a big month for us – it’s our daughters wedding! In between, we do have some trips out booked that month. Thanksgiving we’re at Shamadon Resort then we’ll be at Bronte Creek again for the Campers Halloween weekend! Can’t miss that!
November we’ll be at Golden Pond Resort, Valens Conservation Area and perhaps Fifty Point Conservation Area as well.
We’re hoping to extend our season into December this year with a trip or two to Milton Heights Campground. Then, I’m quite sure we’ll be winter camping again at Valens. Likely we’ll keep the same campsite.
Wow what a year! If I get out all the nights I would like, we’ll be close to 90 nights at the end of 2016! We’ll visit 14 new parks and revisit 6 parks. I’ve tried to book parks around new places to kayak or hike and new activities we want to try like zip lining.
For now, we’re just enjoying our time spent winter camping!

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