Goodbye October!

Another month has gone by and rather quickly I might add! October was a great month for us for camping. We spent Thanksgiving at one of our favorite parks – Shamadon Resort, then we visited a new park, Golden Pond Resort and took in a very wet car race at Delaware Speedway the same weekend. We departed Golden Pond and set up the same day at Bronte Creek Provincial Park. I had the week off, so we spent it there. The following week,  we moved on to Fifty Point to a rather nice back in campsite which normally would be seasonal, but was open for overnight. We spent a week there as well.

November began with a wet, rainy, cool weekend at Valens Conservation Area. Instead of taking our usual winter site #56, we decided to try #46, the first site we spent our first winter camping season in with our Spree. Unfortunately we experienced power issues all weekend and a constant lack of data and phone service. My cell service is usually not great at Valens, with my provider using the Bell network, but this site was even worse than #56.

Despite the weather and challenges, we had a great long weekend and had the opportunity to camp with some great friends we haven’t seen since earlier in the year. We still enjoyed a campfire Saturday for most of the day until the cool temperatures and rain drove us in later in the evening. Here are some photos of our time at Valens!

Our next trip out will be to Fifty Point this Sunday afternoon. We’ll stay there for the week before winterizing and cleaning the fiver out. Yes, winter camping will be starting on December 29th, but with some news for us and eventually changes.

We looked at our same model fifth wheel only a few years newer and found KZ has made some nice improvements and modifications. Niagara Trailers (our dealer) put together an awesome deal for us, giving us top trade in dollar for our fiver and a great reduction in price on a 2018 Durango 2500 RLT. In the end, the deal was too good to pass us. The transaction was effortless, all on paper and with no outlay of money from us. It was pretty much like turning a leased vehicle and upgrading to a newer one.

So, our new 2018 has been ordered from the factory. We’re told it should be about 12 weeks before it’s completed and received at Niagara Trailers. The plan in light of that timeline, is to empty out our fiver and clean it at Fifty Point then repack just what we need for Valens Winter Camping each weekend we still have our fiver. It isn’t likely we’ll have the new one before New Years and we’re registered in the program and have paid for it. As well, my storage ends December 31st so we have no choice but to use our fiver until the new one arrives.

Here are some exterior photos of the new 2018 Durango 2500s. Love the cut away cap for an even better turning radius!

As for the interior design changes, KZ added a kitchen window by reducing the size of the entertainment centre and added ceiling lights over the island and one over the dining set. The change they made to the kitchen hutch has added a lot more counter space too.

Also, it comes standard with theater seating and a proper, decent sofa bed. Other standard features include a propane quick connect, aluminum step, under mount spare tire instead of bumper mount, roof solar prep, motion sensor lights throughout, stainless appliances, day\night shades, the same “all weather” insulation package and of course the pex heated lines above floor insulation and heated water tanks via ducted heat and located above insulation (same as ours). Basically, we’ve lost nothing from ours and gained a lot more in this model.

The package Niagara Trailers put together included the same options we currently have such as a king size mattress upgraded to Gel Foam, the second bedroom A\C, 12 cubic side by side fridge, Wideview electric fireplace and a new option, a backup camera mounted on the rear of the fiver.

I’m super excited and looking forward to taking delivery of Calista II. Our thanks and appreciation to Niagara Trailers for working with us to give us a deal we couldn’t refuse.




Campers Halloween and a Week of Vacation!

20171015_144849What a wonderful time we had this past week at Bronte Creek Provincial Park! We left Golden Pond on Sunday October 14th after a soggy weekend and headed for Bronte Creek. The races at Delaware Speedway were fantastic! No such thing as a rain date there LOL. 🙂

I’m happy to say the weather turned around and cleared out thanks to strong winds on the Sunday. We had a little more rain but the sun shone brightly for the rest of the week! Night time temperatures started out fairly cool on the Sunday and we ran our furnace most nights, but the daytime was fantastic! Warm and sunny ALL week.

The photo above is of our site #114. This will be our third year at Campers Halloween but our first year on this particular campsite. I must say, it was a much better campsite than the one we spent the previous two years on! The view of the woods behind was so nice!


I spent the first couple days decorating for Campers Halloween. Well, I suppose you could say I spent time every day of the week decorating! It was fun though. I also got to spend some time with our youngest daughter who now lives in Oakville. The circumstances with teachers strike were unfortunate but it did give us more time together than planned.

I also got to do a hike that has been on my bucket list for awhile – Rattlesnake Point! It was such a beautiful day and the scenery not a disappointment! Here are some photos:

I also had lots of time to hike around Bronte Creek as well and enjoy every day of the glorious weather!

By Thursday, campers were starting to arrive for the Campers Halloween weekend! It was a full park by Friday night. I’d set up all week and tested all the lights and props ahead of time. I must say, I had a blast decorating! It was so much fun and I’m hoping next year to spend the week again, or most of the week before Campers Halloween. I got lots of hiking in, cleaned the fiver and like I mentioned, spent a lot of time on our display. We didn’t win, or even place in the competition, but that’s ok, we really enjoyed ourselves and everyone who visited our site trick or treating on Saturday really gave positive feedback. Here are some photos of our display!

I also did a macabre display in the woods!

And of course there were a couple inflatables too!

As well, we had a suitcase of body parts and some on the grill! I found some awesome gel decorations and an attachment to our fog machine!

I must say, it really came together well and looked fantastic at night! One of the best things about Campers Halloween at Bronte is getting to meet up with fellow campers whom we don’t get to see enough. We spent a lot of time visiting campfires and hanging out with friends. A lot of group members we’ve met through RVing in Canada, my Facebook group, come this event. Some even dress up! So, here are some of us in costume – any guesses as to who’s who?

We also had some visitors, my Dad, my great niece Emily and my brother Jeff! Our daughter Katey stayed with us both Friday night and Saturday and made Jello shots for the adults on Trick or Treat night! To say it was a wonderful weekend was an understatement!

We had a great week at Bronte Creek and enjoyed our stay very much! Next year, we hope to be back again for Campers Halloween!!!!!



Camping at (or in) Pike Lake! 😉

We arrived at a very wet Pike Lake last night and set up in the dark.😐 I found that out while running hydro and water to the post. My feet found the pond at the back of our campsite. Soaker!!!

The park looks beautiful but I am a little disappointed with our campsite. Absolutely no privacy and made worse by the fact we couldn’t back up all the way on the pad due to lots of standing water. So I’ll start with a couple campsite photos then go on to the better things!

Now for the better things! The site backs onto a lake with a fair amount of space behind and a heck of a view from the fire pit. We can fish from the back of our site and yes, there are lots of fish. We can see many fish (looks like bass) swimming around. In fact, hubby has already found his way out with his fishing rod! So here are some photos of the “good”.

See? Pretty nice right? That fire pit has a heck of a view. We were able to use it last night despite getting here a little late. Boy, was the temperature cool! I told Dave the furnace was going on, no debate. Brrrr! Winter camping is just around the corner. 😀❄🔥

Later today we have a tee off for around 3pm on their Links championship course. Looking forward to that! In the meantime, the sun is shining and it’s time for me to go enjoy it! 🌞🌞🌞


RVing On Into September!

August rocked for us! We were out a total of 13 nights and visited two new parks along with revisiting a couple favorites closer to home.

After a long weekend at Windmill Point, we moved on to Nicolston Dam a very nice private park along the Nottawasaga River near Alliston. We actually booked this park for two reasons, the first being it has been on our “hit list” to visit for awhile now and second,  we wanted to visit nearby Sunset Speedway for a race in Innisfil. I’ll be posting a page with a review of the campground, but here are a few photos.

Our last trip of the month started with a five night stay at Fifty Point CA then on to Golden Beach Resort on Rice Lake. We took our boat for that trip and enjoyed some awesome time on the water fishing and swimming! Again, I’ll be doing a campground review, so I won’t spoil it now. Let’s just say we had a great time and I enjoyed celebrating my 50th birthday here! We had some surprise, last minute company – my niece and her beau and my youngest joined us for the weekend as well. We had a blast and the weather was beautiful!!! The fishing wasn’t great, but we had so much fun and enjoyed spending time on our boat.

Now we’re on to September which is a little slower month for us, at least camping wise! We have a grand total of only five nights out planned. I was thinking of adding in another five day stay at Fifty Point CA to do more cleaning and maintenance on the fiver (a.k.a excuse to camp lol) but I’m not sure. We’d still have to work a couple days during the week and commute. As well, we’re leaving early Thursday for our second outing so it would actually give me less time to get ready if we stayed at Fifty Point.

So our first trip of September is this weekend. We leave today for Pike Lake Campground & Golf course. It’s another park that’s been on our “hit list” to visit. Located near Mount Forest, ON it has not only a very nice looking campground, but also has a beautiful 18-hole championship Links golf course. Should be fun!!! Here’s a link to campground:

After we come home from Pike Lake, we have a couple weeks of no travel then on the 21st we’re headed out to Earl Rowe Provincial Park for our RVing in Canada FB groups second potluck of 2017. We’re there from Thursday night to Sunday. As always, we’re looking forward to this event!

Well it would seem that summer is on it’s way out and my favorite season – autumn – is almost here! With that change comes less traffic on the roads, quieter campgrounds and cooler temperatures. It’s hard to believe in less than a month, we can book our winter seasonal site at Valens again! Next month is looking pretty busy for us. I had some holiday time to use up, so we’ll be out at least 13 days again. But hey, I’m getting ahead of myself! The fiver is loaded, the fridge is cold and filled with food and drinks, the truck is loaded too and I’m ready to go! Let’s just enjoy this trip first!!! 🙂


An Amazing Start to August!

We started off this month with an awesome long weekend at Windmill Point Campground near Fort Erie, ON. I know, for those who know us, it’s a little close to home – 40 min to be exact! The reason we chose a park so close was due to my work obligations this weekend. I was on call and had to remain close by in case I had to drive into work.

Windmill Point is an excellent park as we already knew – we visited last year as well. This time around we booked a nice back in site that was on the quarry. It was large and easy to access. We had 30 amp service and a water hookup. So here are a few photos of our site (#206)

It wasn’t very private considering it was right beside the snack stand with only a little fence between, but it was very nice. We had an excellent view of the water and also access to swim in the quarry!

The Friday we left we were lucky enough to get off work early but ended up waiting for a bad rain storm to load the fiver and hook up at storage. The weather really didn’t cooperate and of course once the rain let up enough we headed out only to find I forgot half our groceries at home. Back we went! Of course by the time we made it back to storage with all our supplies it was raining hard again. Bah! The good news was that we made it to Windmill Point and got set up with time to spare for relaxing! Stormy skies they were on Friday!

All night long it seemed we had high winds and torrential rain. Needless to say, I didn’t get a good night sleep!

Saturday the rain stopped for the most part but winds were still so strong. We had planned on picking our boat up at home and doing some fishing on Lake Erie, but it was way too rough. A quick trip to the Crystal Beach boat launch showed us just how rough! We returned to camp and around noon the clouds cleared and although it remained cool, the sun did come out!

Saturday we pretty much spent the day walking around the park and just relaxing. By afternoon we had a fire going. The park was putting on a movie night for kids and well, it wasn’t really our thing, but cool for the little ones! If you’ve never been to Windmill Point, they have lots of things to do there for little ones and big ones alike! The quarry is a wonderful clean body of water to swim in and the beach area has huge inflatables. As you can see from the photo above, diving is quite popular at the quarry as well. There are always events for the kids such as movies and crafts. All the facilities and the park itself is very clean! Here are some photos of the quarry:

The park also rents kayaks, stand up paddle boards and peddle boats! Life jackets are provided too!

Sunday was much better weather wise with some sunshine and warmth returning! It was a truly relaxing day spent talking, walking around and for me, swimming! Yup, I just floated around! I wasn’t going to as I didn’t bring a bathing suit but Dave convinced me to just do it! I tried to get him to join me but no go lol.  The quarry was so refreshing!

We had some family come over for a BBQ and campfire Sunday night which is always a nice treat. Most of the time we’re too far away for visits, but here, it was a nice close drive for my brother, my great niece and my Dad. It was such a nice visit which we rounded out with a trip to the big tent to see the live band! I must say, events like these are one reason we really have come to like private parks! The band was excellent and we had a blast until 11 pm when they shut down for the night.

And so it was a WONDERFUL weekend away. We picked up a seasonal application to submit for Windmill Point, but it takes a couple years to get in. We’re okay with that as we’re already on the wait list for Long Beach and the way the work things, we’ll get a site for next year. Should we get called for Windmill Point, it would be a nice change maybe? It is such a nice park and I highly recommend it if you’re looking for a clean campground in Niagara with lots to.

Here’s a link to the campground website:

The nicest sites in our opinion are the ones that back onto the quarry. Not all have water access from the campsite but some do. Try sites 206, 207 and sites 205 to 201. Those are a decent size with 30 amp and water and back onto the quarry.

Hope you try this park!


July Travels – So Far!

Well we’re midway through the month now and we’ve already been out twelve nights so far. We started the month spending Canada Day weekend at Spring Valley Resort near Mount Forest. It’s a private park, part of Parkbridge Resorts chain of campgrounds. It wasn’t too bad although the pull thru area we were in had zero privacy. There were some nicer back ins, a couple of which we might have fit in, but overall, not much privacy in the overnight area. I won’t give a full review here, but I will on the page I create. Here’s a photo of our pull thru:


Other than the lack of site quality, we really did have a great time at this park. It was a beautiful campground and they put on quite a fireworks display!

We came home for almost a week after Canada Day weekend then headed out to Fifty Point for a couple days to clean and flush our tanks. Well that ended up turning into more like a almost a week. We ended up staying until the Friday that we were scheduled to arrive at Willow Lake Campground! That was the second time this happened. The week before Canada Day weekend in late June we pulled out to Fifty Point for a couple days to flush and ended up there almost another week! Here are a couple photos of our sites at Fifty Point:

We really like Fifty Point. The first stay we were in the 50 amp loop which I really enjoyed and the second time the pull thru 30 amp side. Word of advice, the traffic noise is less in the 50 amp loop. I don’t mind the sound of highway traffic but some do. We brought our propane fire pit and enjoyed a few fires after work. It was a wonderful couple bonus weeks!

We left Fifty Point for a stay at another new park – Willow Lake Campground near Woodstock. I was very excited to stay here, as it was bought by a couple that belong to our RVing in Canada Facebook group. As well, our daughter and son in law joined us for an early birthday celebration and camping friends Harry and Liz stayed for the weekend as too. Our other friends Diane and Albert made a surprise visit on Saturday night! As for the park, I was very impressed with it. There are just some parks out there that are just awesome. Our site was a large pull thru and as is usually the case at private parks, no privacy. We didn’t care. We had a great time and will no doubt return! Here’s a photo of our site:


This Friday we leave for our longer week of holidays. We have a quick stopover at Cookstown\Toronto North KOA to break up our drive. Saturday we leave for Halfway Lake Provincial Park north of Sudbury. I’ve been looking forward to visiting this park for awhile! I managed to book us a nice site that backs onto a small lake. 🙂

We’re there for a week then head to McRae Point for a quick overnight stop on the way home. I’m not a big fan of Sunday Highway 400 South traffic, so I decided to break up the drive home. We’ll be able to miss the traffic heading South if we leave from Orillia on Sunday instead of driving home from Sudbury.

This trip we’ll be bringing our kayaks instead of our boat. It’s been so long, too long since we’ve been kayaking and I’m really looking forward to getting out on the water again!

Stay tuned for more RVing adventures and HAPPY CAMPING!


Three Parks and Two Lakes

Good morning! I’m a little behind on my blog updates but hang in there, I plan on doing some catch up today and tomorrow. I’ve got three parks to review this month from our recent sixteen day trip!

Our first stop on our trip was at Long Point Provincial Park. It wasn’t our first visit to this park. I booked it this time for my FB group RVing in Canada’s spring potluck. Our campsite was in the pull thru area close to where other group members were parked. Here’s a photo of our site at Long Point


Not much in the way of privacy but great for the purpose of our stay. One thing to note about Long Point – early June is not the time to go if you dislike bugs. There were clouds of bugs – non biting little flies (and some biting stable flies) but they were EVERYWHERE! Our fiver was coated with them. Yuck! Despite that, the potluck was a raging success with many new faces and lots of regulars attending. The food was super and abundant!

During our four days at Long Point the weather was pretty nice. We brought our boat and spent some time on Lake Erie. I’ll create a page with more photos and info about our stay.

Long Beach was the next park on our list to visit. We headed there on a Tuesday and stayed until Saturday morning. We chose a return visit to this park because it was within commuting distance to work for Dave. He had to return to work for three days while I remained on holidays. Long Beach is never really a disappointment but the campsite choice makes a world of difference. I was told when I contacted the park, that only three pull thrus would accommodate our 36 foot fiver. I couldn’t remember specifically which, if any sites in the North campground would fit us, but I was sure I remembered some from past visits. Of course upon checking once we arrived, we found some nicer, more private ones we could have accessed with our rig.  I should note, this park is on our list as a possible seasonal/home base for next year. Here’s a couple photos of where we parked it at Long Beach! Zero privacy and not a site I’d book again, but it got the job done!

Our stay here really wasn’t too bad and we had some pretty cool things happen to make it memorable in a good way. I’ll get into that a little more when I post a page on the park.

Saturday morning we left for County Shores for our nine day stay on Bay of Quinte. We drove two vehicles to get there. I towed the fiver with our truck and Dave towed the boat with another truck. It was very strange driving the four hours alone. Fortunately we have a good cell plan and were able to call back and forth. The site at County Shores that we booked was unfortunately not available to us upon arrival due to flooding. As we all know, Lake Ontario is and has been at record high levels for about a month now. Bay of Quinte being part of that water system is of course affected the same way.  The park owners found us another site, although not quite as private or nice but it worked fine. The week we were at this park, it was very quiet and not busy at all. If your site lacks privacy, it’s not so bad when you have the park pretty much to yourself. Here’s a photo of our pull thru campsite at County Shores:


We had an amazing time at this park. Almost every day we were out boating and the pickerel fishing was good too! We had a fish fry while there and brought home about four meals of pickerel! I’ll post a page for this park with photos and a review, so look for that over the next few days.

I really do need to get caught up on my blog as June is almost over and July will be another busy month for us. We’ll be visiting three new parks and spending another 18 days on the road! One park is a return visit (Fifty Point CA). The purpose of that camping trip is to clean and flush our tanks and give our fiver a bath. Oh the challenges of storage! Nowhere to do maintenance, no power or water at our storage facility either. I’m not complaining, I’ll take a couple days of camping to do maintenance! Great excuse to do some more camping! 🙂

So stay tuned for park reviews of the places we visited in June and of course our travels in July!