Thursday at Camp

Tough day at camp today. My arm is still really sore from yesterday’s fall on the ice. I had so much I wanted to get done. The pain meds made me sleepy but I finally got myself together around 10am. By 2pm I’d had enough moping about and decided it was time to get stuff done, pain or not! I managed to take a bunch of 4L water bottles to the comfort station to refill. I just carry everything with my left arm. I brought them back to top up our large blue water jugs which I have no hope of carrying with a bad arm. We’ve started using our water system a different way. Instead of filling our fresh water tank, we de-winterize, open the hot water tank and fill it from our large blue jugs. We leave the setting on winterize and pull fresh water from the large blue jugs. Voila! Hot water and fresh water with minimal work.

After that chore, I tidied up Calista, emptied garbages and changed thd bedding. What a nice duvet cover from Ikea! ☺

To do what little I did today seemed to tire me quickly. No walks or hikes for me despite the decent weather. It was colder than yesterday,  about -1C earlier, with breaks of sunshine. I’m  hoping for a little more energy tomorrow and less pain. If so, I’ll head into Cambridge for some supplies and tackle the Reflectix chore if I can lift the mattress. Aside from that, I need a nature fix, like a nice hike! Until tomorrow, cheers!



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