February Brings A Big Change!

Not everyone who follows this blog follows my Facebook page so for those of you who don’t, February brought about a big change for Dave and I. We decided last November to upgrade our fiver to a new one. We ordered a 2018 Durango 2500 D325RLT. The new fiver is in fact the same model as what we had before, but came with quite a lot of changes from our old one. So, without further adieu, here are some photos and some info on the changes!

Our new fiver has dual pane windows, an awning with full controls not only on the inside but on the arm of the awning and the LED light bar is in a position where it can be turned on and used with the awning closed. The inside of our front pass thru has a rubber diamond plate floor and motion sensor lights along with a WIFI hub to connect devices and use the KZ app. The spare tire is mounted up under the back instead of on the back bumper and of course there is an additional window in the kitchen that wasn’t on our older model. It came standard with a King antenna and we added a back up camera as well. The steps are aluminum with wide skid guards and lights on the step.

Here are some inside photos:

The big change in the interior is the colour theme. We went with dark furniture, dark wood and light walls. The flooring is a light wood plank look which really off sets the dark accents. It came with a three seater sofa bed, theatre seating and a wider fireplace. Our last model had a lot more wood cabinetry than this one, but I like the change!

The kitchen features stainless appliances including a much larger microwave and of course our optional larger double door fridge. The counter tops are very light colour Corian and also contrast so nicely with the dark furniture and cabinets. The sink remains a double stainless and the stove/oven remains as large as our last one. The window in the kitchen adds so much light and a very nice way to keep air flow when cooking instead of the exhaust fan. Gone is the large cabinet in the kitchen which gives us a nice full counter area. I think my favorite change from our last one is the island lights! They work so well and look so nice with matching ones over the dining table. Speaking of which, our dining chairs now have storage under the cushions. Ah it’s the little things isn’t it? LOL.

The bathroom remains the same with the only changes being a higher glass shower door and the best – a light switch! Believe it or not, same model a couple years older did NOT have a light switch. The light over the toilet is an optional “motion light”.

In the bedroom we decided not to get the second TV option but kept the optional second AC and king size upgraded mattress. As in the last model, the bed is in the slide. The closet changed quite a bit with it being almost from floor to ceiling other than a narrow shelf. To the right is a cupboard with three drawers which is much different from our last model. I wasn’t sure I’d like the new wardrobe changes, but it really is quite functional. There is still a plumb in for a washer/dryer combo if we ever choose to add them.

I have to say after spending five days in it, we absolutely love it! It’s a little early to see if the dual pane windows make much of a difference camping, but I’ve been paying attention to moisture on the windows and drafts and both seem less than with our other fiver that had regular RV windows.

Well, that’s all I can think of for now in terms of what’s new in our 2018. I’ve probably missed some things and will add them as they come to mind.

We’ll be back at Valens this Friday for a couple nights of winter camping. We’ve only been gone just over a week, but it seems like it’s been awhile. I hope everyone is enjoying the winter somehow whether it’s around a campfire or just out on a hiking trail.



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