Goodbye October!

Another month has gone by and rather quickly I might add! October was a great month for us for camping. We spent Thanksgiving at one of our favorite parks – Shamadon Resort, then we visited a new park, Golden Pond Resort and took in a very wet car race at Delaware Speedway the same weekend. We departed Golden Pond and set up the same day at Bronte Creek Provincial Park. I had the week off, so we spent it there. The following week,  we moved on to Fifty Point to a rather nice back in campsite which normally would be seasonal, but was open for overnight. We spent a week there as well.

November began with a wet, rainy, cool weekend at Valens Conservation Area. Instead of taking our usual winter site #56, we decided to try #46, the first site we spent our first winter camping season in with our Spree. Unfortunately we experienced power issues all weekend and a constant lack of data and phone service. My cell service is usually not great at Valens, with my provider using the Bell network, but this site was even worse than #56.

Despite the weather and challenges, we had a great long weekend and had the opportunity to camp with some great friends we haven’t seen since earlier in the year. We still enjoyed a campfire Saturday for most of the day until the cool temperatures and rain drove us in later in the evening. Here are some photos of our time at Valens!

Our next trip out will be to Fifty Point this Sunday afternoon. We’ll stay there for the week before winterizing and cleaning the fiver out. Yes, winter camping will be starting on December 29th, but with some news for us and eventually changes.

We looked at our same model fifth wheel only a few years newer and found KZ has made some nice improvements and modifications. Niagara Trailers (our dealer) put together an awesome deal for us, giving us top trade in dollar for our fiver and a great reduction in price on a 2018 Durango 2500 RLT. In the end, the deal was too good to pass us. The transaction was effortless, all on paper and with no outlay of money from us. It was pretty much like turning a leased vehicle and upgrading to a newer one.

So, our new 2018 has been ordered from the factory. We’re told it should be about 12 weeks before it’s completed and received at Niagara Trailers. The plan in light of that timeline, is to empty out our fiver and clean it at Fifty Point then repack just what we need for Valens Winter Camping each weekend we still have our fiver. It isn’t likely we’ll have the new one before New Years and we’re registered in the program and have paid for it. As well, my storage ends December 31st so we have no choice but to use our fiver until the new one arrives.

Here are some exterior photos of the new 2018 Durango 2500s. Love the cut away cap for an even better turning radius!

As for the interior design changes, KZ added a kitchen window by reducing the size of the entertainment centre and added ceiling lights over the island and one over the dining set. The change they made to the kitchen hutch has added a lot more counter space too.

Also, it comes standard with theater seating and a proper, decent sofa bed. Other standard features include a propane quick connect, aluminum step, under mount spare tire instead of bumper mount, roof solar prep, motion sensor lights throughout, stainless appliances, day\night shades, the same “all weather” insulation package and of course the pex heated lines above floor insulation and heated water tanks via ducted heat and located above insulation (same as ours). Basically, we’ve lost nothing from ours and gained a lot more in this model.

The package Niagara Trailers put together included the same options we currently have such as a king size mattress upgraded to Gel Foam, the second bedroom A\C, 12 cubic side by side fridge, Wideview electric fireplace and a new option, a backup camera mounted on the rear of the fiver.

I’m super excited and looking forward to taking delivery of Calista II. Our thanks and appreciation to Niagara Trailers for working with us to give us a deal we couldn’t refuse.




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