Campers Halloween and a Week of Vacation!

20171015_144849What a wonderful time we had this past week at Bronte Creek Provincial Park! We left Golden Pond on Sunday October 14th after a soggy weekend and headed for Bronte Creek. The races at Delaware Speedway were fantastic! No such thing as a rain date there LOL. 🙂

I’m happy to say the weather turned around and cleared out thanks to strong winds on the Sunday. We had a little more rain but the sun shone brightly for the rest of the week! Night time temperatures started out fairly cool on the Sunday and we ran our furnace most nights, but the daytime was fantastic! Warm and sunny ALL week.

The photo above is of our site #114. This will be our third year at Campers Halloween but our first year on this particular campsite. I must say, it was a much better campsite than the one we spent the previous two years on! The view of the woods behind was so nice!


I spent the first couple days decorating for Campers Halloween. Well, I suppose you could say I spent time every day of the week decorating! It was fun though. I also got to spend some time with our youngest daughter who now lives in Oakville. The circumstances with teachers strike were unfortunate but it did give us more time together than planned.

I also got to do a hike that has been on my bucket list for awhile – Rattlesnake Point! It was such a beautiful day and the scenery not a disappointment! Here are some photos:

I also had lots of time to hike around Bronte Creek as well and enjoy every day of the glorious weather!

By Thursday, campers were starting to arrive for the Campers Halloween weekend! It was a full park by Friday night. I’d set up all week and tested all the lights and props ahead of time. I must say, I had a blast decorating! It was so much fun and I’m hoping next year to spend the week again, or most of the week before Campers Halloween. I got lots of hiking in, cleaned the fiver and like I mentioned, spent a lot of time on our display. We didn’t win, or even place in the competition, but that’s ok, we really enjoyed ourselves and everyone who visited our site trick or treating on Saturday really gave positive feedback. Here are some photos of our display!

I also did a macabre display in the woods!

And of course there were a couple inflatables too!

As well, we had a suitcase of body parts and some on the grill! I found some awesome gel decorations and an attachment to our fog machine!

I must say, it really came together well and looked fantastic at night! One of the best things about Campers Halloween at Bronte is getting to meet up with fellow campers whom we don’t get to see enough. We spent a lot of time visiting campfires and hanging out with friends. A lot of group members we’ve met through RVing in Canada, my Facebook group, come this event. Some even dress up! So, here are some of us in costume – any guesses as to who’s who?

We also had some visitors, my Dad, my great niece Emily and my brother Jeff! Our daughter Katey stayed with us both Friday night and Saturday and made Jello shots for the adults on Trick or Treat night! To say it was a wonderful weekend was an understatement!

We had a great week at Bronte Creek and enjoyed our stay very much! Next year, we hope to be back again for Campers Halloween!!!!!




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