Rainy Days Camping :-)


Look at that beautiful campsite! Shore Acres did not disappoint, although the weather sure did! I was soaked by the time I loaded the last supplies, turned on the propane and the fridge and hooked the fiver up at the storage lot. The fiver was surrounded by a lake of water so I dove in LOL. At least the rain subsided by the time we found our way through the unplanned Port Dover detour and arrived at the park. Our little window of no rain gave us just enough time to set up which was appreciated!

The weather really didn’t improve at all until Sunday morning when we noticed the sun peaking through the shades in the bedroom. The sun??? You don’t say!!! It has been days since we’ve seen the sun!

No matter, I’ve always said “any day camping is a good one” and I truly mean that. We camp in the snow, the rain, the cold, the heat and the sunny good days too! I must say though, I am looking forward to the sunny, warm days ahead!

Our time at Shore Acres was great! We enjoyed many walks around the park, the lakefront and Dave even got in some fishing! Koodos to Dave for catching two monster carp and one very fat catfish! The ugly fish award goes to………   🙂

Shore Acres is such a very well groomed, clean park. We actually would consider this park as a seasonal base next year should there be any decent sites. We’d need to make sure that we had access to leave for some trips easily.

So the things we liked about Shore Acres? Great service, very clean park, a gym, lovely trails along the lake and a nice beach on Lake Erie for swimming. Port Dover is within walking distance or a short bike ride and the boat launch is quite close too! It’s about an 1.5 hours from home.

Seasonal is something we do consider from time to time, but the challenge is finding a really nice park close enough to home to commute for Dave since he doesn’t have as much time off as me and a park with with lots to do so we could spend at least one weeks holidays there and have lots to do.

Now here’s a place I could spend some serious time at – a picnic table with a view! 🙂


I’ve wrote a review and posted a lot more photos for Shore Acres on this website. You can find it under the 2017 tab at the top of the page. I’d highly recommend this campground but two things – firstly, no pets allowed and secondly, no tents. As well, some of the quirkier rules are no large patio mats and no tent shelters. The grass at this park is golf course quality and they take their landscaping and care of their park seriously. It really shows.

We’re out again in less than two weeks for Victoria Day weekend!!! Yippee!!! Hopefully the weather will warm up a little and we can bask in the sunshine at Highland Pines Campground! It will be a fun weekend camping with our friends Albert & Diane and a little bird told me we might be joined by our daughter and son in law! Not sure if we’ll be bringing the boat yet. A lot depends on whether the repairs are done and of course how the weather is. We’ll have to wait until we get closer. In the meantime, I hope there’s a campfire in your future and HAPPY CAMPING!!!

I will leave you with one parting photo from Shore Acres!


Wood Ducks – Lake Erie


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