Another Wet Weekend at Fifty Point

April showers bring May flowers, so they say, but I think all these April showers are just a little too much! Our stay at Fifty Point started out not too bad weather wise. After work on Wednesday we drove up to Valens to pull our fiver off it’s winter seasonal site and tow it to Fifty Point Conservation Area. I had some time off, so it seemed like a great time to use those extra days to do a full clean up after four months of winter camping. Fifty Point has full hookups which is very nice when you want to give the tanks a good flush and have lots of water readily available for cleaning without worrying about filling tanks. I booked our usual campsite #66


As you can see from the photo above, the weather was pretty nice on Thursday. I spent the morning cleaning the inside of the fiver from top to bottom. Cupboards were emptied and wiped out, floors washed, carpets vacuumed, fridge washed out and much more. It was a very thorough cleaning! It’s such a small space to clean and by noon, I was finished. I took a walk around the lake and enjoyed the beautiful day!

As you can see from the photos above, many trees were in bloom and the grass is certainly green. Spring has sprung! The winds were light from the Southwest, so the lake was very calm. It was a marvelous Spring day!

That evening Dave came home from work not feeling too well, so he promptly headed for bed after dinner. The rain moved in shortly afterwards, but I stayed outside under the awning enjoying a beautiful “sky on fire” sunset to the west and a rainbow in the Eastern sky. It was stunning!

By morning it had cleared out again, but the temperature was unseasonably cool! Our furnace came on a couple times during the night, but of course we remained cozy inside. Off to work Dave went at 6am and back to bed I went! I had started to feel unwell, so I took some cold medication and slept in until almost 10:00am! Friday was a very relaxing day for me. I watched a little TV and was impressed at how many channels and how clear they were with our new Jack HDTV antenna. Of course in the Stoney Creek area, I’d expect to get more stations than at an area like Valens Conservation Area.

Again, the weather on Friday was pretty nice. The skies were blue and the sun was shining for most of the day.  I walked around quite a bit and enjoyed the Spring day!

Friday evening we decided to have a propane fire. Our camping friends Derek and Tatjana were also staying at Fifty Point for the weekend. All of us brought wood with the plans of maybe enjoying a fire at the shared fire pit, but instead we just set up the propane fire pit. It’s not as good as a real campfire, but we’ve used it a lot and it’s turned out to be worth the money spent!


Rain moved in again on Friday night and we awoke on Saturday to a wind from the North, overcast skies and light showers. The second reason for Fifty Point was to give our new boat it’s first run of the season! Dave brought it out with him after work on Friday night with the intention of taking it out on Saturday. We weren’t entirely sure what kind of a day it would be on the water. As we were launching, boats our size were coming in saying it was a little too rough for fishing. We thought we’d give it a try anyway and come back in if it was too rough. It wasn’t near as bad as we thought and it calmed down even further within a half hour on the water. The sky even looked like it was going to clear. It turned out to be a nice time on the water. The boat ran well and all the equipment seemed to work fine. We didn’t catch any fish despite having all four lines in the water but it was a fun time anyway. Our friends Derek and Tatjana joined us as well!

After our time boating, Dave and I took our boat back home. We can’t double tow with our fiver as we’d be over the maximum length, so Fifty Point worked out nicely being close enough to home that it took under an hour round trip to bring it home. We got back and did a nice tank flush and were surprised by a visit from my Dad. He stayed for dinner along with Derek and Tatjana. I made Crockpot Lasagna which turned out very well! It was a perfect dish to make. It cooked while we were out on the boat! We decided upon another propane fire but the weather was chilly with another North wind so we didn’t stay outside too long.

Sunday we awoke to rain and thunderstorms. It was a very wet weekend which seems to be the “norm” these days. The lake level is so much higher this year with all the precipitation we’ve had over the past month.

We didn’t hang around too long on Sunday with the weather being so yucky. As well, we wanted to get to our new storage place and get the fiver parked. I towed home, my first tow of 2017 and backed the fiver into our spot at the storage facility. It was a very tight spot but I’m happy to say I got it in first try! What a way to start my towing season! I have been so anxious over a new season of backing up. It’s never been easy for me with the fiver, but this certainly helped my confidence level!

Our 2017 regular camping season is under way now and our next trip out is in a few days! We’ll be heading to Shore Acres Campground in Port Dover. We kicked around taking the boat, but the weather is not looking so great. In fact, we briefly kicked around cancelling the trip all together, but whether it rains at home or in Port Dover, we’ll still be happier camping!



2 thoughts on “Another Wet Weekend at Fifty Point

  1. wilma

    enjoy your posts….trying Valens for the first time for May wknd….p.s. love our firebowl…use it all the time…..find it amusing when “real” campers poo poo us with our “fake fire” – and then we see them with microwaves, fridges, air, icemakers, etc……LOL…and when there is a fire ban??? we are good! and when we only have 15 minutes to sit by a fire…we don’t do without because it wouldn’t be worth it with a wood fire…..BUt…we have been known to put the bowl in the firepit….and always take pictures without the propane tank!!! LOL…anyway you camp is fine by us!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. schrest Post author

    Thanks Wilma! Enjoy your stay at Valens, it’s a beautiful park! ☺ I find since we started spending our winters at Valens we don’t usually go any other time of the year. I do plan on spending a few days there in October later this year. I’ve always wanted to camp in the 300s section and it’s closed during the winter. Safe, fun travels to you! ☺



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