Niagara Trailers Open House – Yippee!

This weekend is the open house at Niagara Trailers! A great time to take advantage of the parts that are on sale! We’ve been RVing now for over ten years, but there are still some items that we need to replace along with some good deals on things we’d like to upgrade or add to our fifth wheel.

One of the things on our “want” list is a King Control HDTV Antennae Head. I’ve researched the reviews online and it seems that this does improve signal strength and even pick up a few more stations. Of course this is all relevant to where you’re camping and how many stations are available. Niagara Trailers has this on for $59.95 and we might just give it a try. The installation looks to be easy as well. Here’s a link to a great review on the product:


There are a couple items on our list that we really should get such as another 30 amp extension cable. We’ve got a total of 75 feet which sounds like a lot, but from past experience in provincial parks, it isn’t. They have a 50 foot cable on for $89.95. I’ve looked on Amazon and other websites and there isn’t anything as reasonable that I’ve found. We also need a 25 foot 50 amp extension cable as we currently only have 25 feet. So far it’s worked well. We find the 50 amp sites are usually pull thrus and geared towards bigger rigs, so the post is usually close to our fiver. Still, there is one provincial park I want to book this year with a 50 amp hookup that might be more than 25 feet. Many times we’ve been in a place where we’ve had to move to put our unit close enough to connect to the hookups. Arrowhead was one of those parks and there certainly have been more than that one.

Also on our list is another kit of Leveling Blocks. We have one box and would like to add another and totally do away with using wood. The Leveling Kit is on at Niagara Trailer for $34.95.

Niagara has a BOGO sale on RV toilet paper and I used to buy it, but not anymore. I buy my toilet paper at Dollar Tree for $1.25 for a four roll package. It passed the “dissolve” test and you can’t beat the price. We’ve been using for two years now with no issues.

We leave for Valens Friday morning, but I’ll likely hang around a bit until Niagara Trailers opens at 9am to pick up these sale items. I encourage you if you have the time to pick a day and wander around their open house. There are many more items on sale in their flyer and now is a great time to stock up on things you need or simply want for RVing!

Here’s a link to their Spring flyer:



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