Dirty Laundry?

Well, I did it! I took a chance and ordered something that will hopefully be helpful while we’re on the road!

This year we’ve booked some longer stretches away from home at which some of the campgrounds do not have laundry facilities. So, other than drive to the nearest town and find a laundromat,  what can be done? I’m hoping to answer that question with my new toy! I’ve ordered a Wonder Wash!


No power needed other than a strong arm! ☺ Of course the capacity is small, so not much can be washed at one time but I think it will be helpful! I’m hoping to receive it in a week and try it soon afterwards! I looked at some larger capacity electric portable washers too, but I can’t bear to part with losing the space in our bedroom closet where the washer plumbing is located. That would be the only place large enough to store something that big. I think I made the right choice! Once I have it, I’ll take more photos and post a review.  ☺😀


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