Happy Long Weekend!

Well tomorrow is Friday and likely for some, a nice long weekend of camping. This year my work schedule plays out a little different and I’m working pretty much all weekend. I do have Sunday off, but have to be back to work for Monday morning. So, it looks like we may be at our winter campsite for just Saturday night. I’ll take it! It’s better than nothing!

Dave has some work he wants to do, such as try to replace the valve on our fresh water intake system. We’ve not been able to get our water system working yet this winter. There’s absolutely no suction to our pump. Doesn’t matter if it’s on “winterize” or “fill to fresh water tank”, it doesn’t work. We hear the pump running, but nothing. Niagara Trailers has this part set aside for us and we’re willing to try changing it ourselves. Also, our replacement fireplace is in. The one in our fiver still works, it just makes an odd noise when the blower is running to push out heat. We won’t have a lot of time up there, but anything is better than nothing and it will give Dave an opportunity to get caught up on some warranty work.

Our next full weekend at Valens will be the last weekend in February and our youngest daughter will be camping with us! We’re both really looking forward to that. I can’t remember the last time she camped with us. Also, our oldest daughter and son in law are supposed to join us for dinner and a campfire. It should be a fun family weekend!

As always, we’re loving the winter program! 🙂 🙂 🙂



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