Weekend Plans at the Fiver😆

Three more sleeps until we’re back at our happy place. Can’t wait!  I still have two more shifts at work and am starting to feel a little under the weather.  Dave’s been sick all weekend and I’m thinking I might catch it. Hopefully not! I’m taking it easy and getting lots of rest on my days off,  so hopefully not!

This weekend we’ve got a few chores planned. We really need to empty our black tank and I’d like to see if we can get our water pump working. I also need to measure the bathroom for Smart Tiles and get them ordered. The TV in the bedroom is making its exit on Sunday unless I do it earlier when I arrive Friday. I picked some new photo frames to hang, complete with some awesome family photos. I love making our fiver feel like home. It truly is the home I’d rather be at!❤❤❤

I made a bird seed ring to hang for the birds. It was really easy to make and looks pretty with the wide pink ribbon to hang it. Hopefully the birds will find it yummy! I found the recipe on FB. I also need to hang our suction cup window feeders too! I’ve been waiting until we had the step ladder to reach our windows.  🐦🐥

Speaking of birds – I need to find a way to stop our resident psycho cardinal from attacking its refection in the bedroom window. I brought some tinfoil pie plates but the question is how to attach them to the frameless windows? I’ll have to improvise!

This Saturday we’re headed to the Toronto Boat Show. As new boat owners, we’re told it’s a must see! 🚢🎣⛵. Saturday night after the show, our daughter and son in law are staying for dinner.  I’ll be trying a new crockpot ham recipe!

I don’t hold out much hope for the ice at Valens being safe enough to skate, but I plan on taking them in to get sharpened regardless. The weather has been so strange with the very mild temperatures.

It should be another wonderful weekend at Valens so stay tuned! 😆😉


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