New Years Camping – Cheers!

We’re home now from our first weekend winter camping at Valens! We were able to arrive mid afternoon on Friday and get set up before dark. It’s always a challenge being able to do  when you work for a living! We took the same site #56 for the 2017 winter program. This time we were able to put the fiver at the back of the site at the edge of the woods. The view of the forest from the back windows of the fiver is spectacular!




View of the campsite


Backed up to the forest!

We drove back home on New Year’s Eve day to pick up more supplies for our winter stay and a truck load of wood to start our winter wood pile! New Year’s Eve we spent at our camping friends with them and many more camping friends we’ve met over the years. Tatjana and Derek hosted a potluck and we rang in the New Year around a campfire! This is the second year we’ve been able to start our winter camping season off this way and we absolutely love it!

Sunday we had likely the most relaxing day we’ve had since October! We did a few camp chores but for the most part just relaxed. Our water system just did not want to work despite temps in the front compartment reaching the mid teens. It seemed the pump wouldn’t prime at all. Not even to run pink through. We already had pink in the system but we wanted to see if the pump would work on that setting. No go. We spent our first year with the Spree not using our fresh water system so we’re quite used to it. I always bring the back up supplies needed in case we aren’t using our system so it was no big deal. I just hope the pump isn’t busted because from experience it’s hard to get a dealer to take you seriously when you winter camp.

Here are some photos of our campsite all set up for the winter!

The weather wasn’t too bad all weekend with the temperatures moderate during the day. Saturday was rather strange with snow turning into rain then back into snow. It was a wet, damp afternoon, but the fire kept us warm! The park looked so pretty with all the snow. I kept thinking of the song “It’s a Marshmallow World” because that’s exactly what it looked like, complete with marshmallow clouds! Here are some photos:

Sunday it was kind of cold so we went inside early and let the fire burn down. We turned on the fireplace and watched a couple new shows on TV until it was time for bed. It really was relaxing! I had totally forgotten how wonderful it was to be on camping time until Sunday. We woke up, opened the blinds and sat around drinking coffee and talking about our future for the morning it would seem! I prepared some mini quiche and put them in the oven then looked at the clock. It was noon!!!! Well, we ended up having  brunch! I love how nothing is a rush at camp. I find myself having to stop the mindset of time and rushing. I think our lives are like that from having to be on time for work, appointments etc… It’s so nice to exist sometimes without any time constraints. I haven’t even replaced the batteries in my kitchen clock and now, I don’t think I will. Lol. 🙂

This weekend was a great start to our winter season and we’re so looking forward to every weekend we’ll spend this winter at Valens. With my work schedule, it will be hard to make the 20 nights in the program, but I might be able to sneak in another weekend or some holiday time. We’re both so thankful to be able to camp in the winter at Valens. This will be our third year and I hope there will be many more before we retire and head for warmer climates!

Happy New Year everyone and CHEERS! 


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