Nine Days To Go!

Only nine days until we start our winter camping adventures at Valens Conservation Area! We’re so looking forward to our third year enjoying the wintry weather! ❄❄⛄⛄It looks like we’ll be only one day over the 20 days we’ve prepaid for. In 2017 I have to work both Family Day weekend and Easter weekend so other than New Years, no long weekends. 😯 The plan is to take a little holiday in March and spend four days at Valens.

My checklists are complete. The fiver is almost packed and the excitement is building! I’m so glad all the warranty work has been completed! We’re hoping to drive up to Valens on the 27th to see how much snow remains and how far back our site has been plowed. We want to put the fiver back about six feet more than last year. It will be a nice excuse for a drive!☺ 😃😆

Plans for our regular 2017 season are well under way! If you click on the 2017 tab at the top of this website , you’ll see our 2017 trip itinerary. I’ve planned some visits to new parks as well as some return trips to old favorites. The challenge will be bringing our power boat along. We can’t tow it behind our fiver as we’ll be too long. So, I’ve planned some closer  parks and we’ll bring a second vehicle  to tow the boat. I know it may sound silly, but both of us enjoy fishing so much and in larger bodies of water it’s so much better than the kayaks. We do have parks booked for kayaking as well, like Spring Valley near Luther Marsh. Also planned is a weekend at Trout Haven so we can go to Delaware Speedway to see a race. I’m quite sure our second holiday will be at County Shores on the Bay of Quinte but it hasn’t been booked yet.

I suppose that’s it for now. I wish all my followers a very Merry Christmas and a New Year with safe travels, many campfires and awesome times with friends! Cheers and Happy Camping !!! 🍻🍹🍷🍺🍸♨🔥


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