December Update!

Hello December and at last – hello snow! It’s  been awhile since I’ve updated my blog or even spent much time on social media . My apologies for the lack of content but things are better now, I think, and I’m beginning to feel like my old wandering , travel happy self! Good thing too as we’re a mere couple weeks away from the start of our winter camping program at Valens ! Our fiver was returned to us a couple weeks ago with all warranty items repaired. It’s time to pack and prepare for our winter camping adventure! It’s hard to believe this is our third year at Valens in the Winter Warrior program!

I’ve made more 2017 regular season bookings despite not yet having my time off at work approved. So far I’ve booked a week in July at Deer Lake Resort in Huntsville . The plan is to bring our boat as well! ⛵🛥⚓

Other weekend bookings so far include Shore Acres, Highland Pines, Windmill Point , Pike Lake Campground and of course Thanksgiving at Shamadon Resort!

So stay tuned as our adventures begin on December 30th when we begin four months of winter camping at Valens Conservation Area ! ❄❄❄⛄⛄⛄😊😆😆


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