Not Ready to End the Season Yet!

One more trip left for us in 2016!  In just over a week, we’ll end our season at Fifty Point Conservation Area. I’m hoping for some nice weather to finish off the season. It seems strange the same weekend we’re out camping the Toronto Santa Claus Parade in on! Now there’s a thought – go camping AND go to the parade!

I’ve already cleaned out all items not required for this weekend and packed them away. When we leave Fifty Point, we won’t be pulling home, we’ll be towing the fiver to Niagara Trailers for our ever increasing list of minor warranty items and a couple “non warranty” items we’ll pay for. One thing in particular is the mouse spray. Last year we ended up with mice in the trailer after it’s three week stay at Niagara. They sprayed the entire underbelly with a mouse deterrent spray that they use at the dealership. Worked great as far as we could tell. No mice this year. We’re debating whether to just do this again as insurance since it’s parked at Valens for a few months once December 30th arrives. Also, our new rear ladder needs to be installed.

To save time and make removal of things easier for winter camping, I’ve put all items that could freeze into separate containers. The front compartment has been cleaned out and the snow pants and winter gear packed into the fifth wheel. I’m practically ready for winter camping! Yay!

I just realized while writing this post how behind I am on this webpage! I haven’t posted photos yet for our Camper’s Halloween Weekend at Bronte, nor this past weekend trip out to Valens! Looks like I’d better get a move on! It’s been a busy month though between work, doctors appointments for myself and my Dad, a minor day surgery and surgery for our kitten Joey. Whew! Sounds like I need to go camping again – and soon! 😉

More to come and I hope some of you following this blog are able to be out there enjoying some camping whether it be in the warmer South or here in Ontario! I really push winter camping here on social media, but it’s only because I used to think people who did it were crazy and now I know the truth. It’s such a beautiful time of year to camp. I seriously encourage anyone who hasn’t tried to get out and spend a weekend or longer camping between January and April. In fact, spend New Years Eve camping!!!

Where ever you are, even if it’s at home dreaming of camping – HAPPY CAMPING!!!



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