A Weekend Without Travel – Strange!

Yes, it’s true, we are actually off work and home this weekend!  We took some time to get caught up on some chores around the house and get that new boat started and in the water!

That’s what we’ve been doing so far this weekend. The boat started ok and ran great! We took it out for a quick little tour in Lake Ontario near Port Weller. Both of us are impressed – she really ran great!

I’ve cleaned all the summer\warm weather things out of the fiver and began to pack cool weather items like our heated blankets, snow pants and parkas. It might be a little early for them, but we’ll sure need them packed for winter camping which starts on December 31st!

There’s plenty more adventure and camping trips before then. We leave soon for Bronte Creek Campers Halloween Weekend on Wednesday. We’re going up early just to get the fiver parked ahead of time. Thursday night is our daughters wedding rehearsal, so we won’t be able to haul it up then and of course Friday is her wedding!!!!  We’ll stay overnight at the fiver Wednesday, maybe Thursday and come back late after the reception on Friday. Saturday we’ll decorate, hand out candy, enjoy a campfire and hang out with all our camping friends! It won’t seem like a very long weekend, but it will be fun!

Then in two weeks, we’re off to Valens Conservation Area for the first weekend in November. We’ll round out the month of November with two trips to Fifty Point Conservation Area. I picked that park because the days will be getting shorter and even if I can’t get out on my own early to set up solo, it will still be daylight when we get there should we have to wait until Dave finishes work. So, that’s a total of four more camping trips out!

At the end of November into the early part of December, we’ll pull the fiver to Niagara Trailers for some minor warranty work. Then we’ll have it home in time and be on our way to our seasonal winter site at Valens – #56 booked again! Yay!!! 🙂


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